Animal Activists Want Better Ways of Controlling Stray Dogs

Stray dogs

World Animal Protection, an international nongovernmental organization that looks at the welfare of animals have called upon city councils to stop the habit of poisoning dogs as a way of dispersing them, saying it is inhuman and not acceptable international..

Dr.Victor yamo, the ‎Humane & Sustainable Agriculture Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection, said that there are better and more sustainable ways that the government can use to reduce the number of stray dogs instead of poisoning them and letting them die on the streets.

“The main reason why there are a lot of dogs on the streets is because there is no sanitation and there is a lot of garbage everywhere. The other reason is because the owners are not educated enough to understand how to protect and keep dogs from becoming a public nuisance. These problems can easily be solved by keeping our streets clean as well as education dog owners on how to treat their dogs by giving them enough food and training them to keep at home,” yamo said.

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He added: “Even better, why not vaccinate these dogs? Rabies can be controlled if 70% of dogs in an area are vaccinated. Also the city council authorities can adopt the culture of depopulating the dogs by castrating them or making sure the female dogs are not able to reproduce. We call upon the government to work with veterans on how they can introduce family planning for dogs so that they do not reproduce a lot only to be  killed in that degrading manner.’’

Vamo said this while briefing the press about different campaigns that the organization is carrying out in the whole of Africa as a way of making sure that animals which he says have feelings can live a dignified life while they are still alive.

He revealed that wild animal protecting has already started the campaign of depopulating dogs through family planning in other countries like Sierra Leone , Zanzibar, Kenya and will soon be employed in all other countries.

He further asked the government of Uganda to work with them (WAP) so that their campaigns can be a success in Uganda.

Edith kabesiime, the wildlife campaign manager Africa, said that all animals should be treated with respect because they have freedoms like any other living creature.

She asked the general public to make sure that the animals they keep for economic purposes like cattle, and for security like dogs are provided for with basic animal needs like food, water, reasonable shelter and protected against cruelty.

She said: “These wild animals are beneficial to us. If you want the best results from them, you must look after them. As an organization that fights for the welfare of animals, we ask that during their time of living animals should be treated in a way that does not distress them.’’


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