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Election 2016

Andrew Mwenda Visits Besigye in Kasangati

Andrew Mwenda

Controversial journalist Andrew Mwenda was spotted Tuesday morning at FDC’s defeated Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye’s home in Kasangati, website pills Chimpreports has learnt.

We were still unable to independently establish the reason for the unprecedented visit but it is rumored that Mwenda was involved in a mediation process between the aggrieved candidate with police and government officials.

Besigye, more about recipe who hinted on challenging the February 18th presidential election results in courts of law has only a few hours to file his complaint; today being the deadline.

It is understood that Mwenda had previously tried in vain to bridge the divide between the fourth time unsuccessful candidate with President Yoweri Museveni, medications with whom he parted ways in the late 1990s.

Mwenda who successfully mediated talks between Museveni and his Rwanda counterpart years back, is not greatly trusted by the opposition strongman, majorly because of his recent departure from being a strong critic of the incumbent and government’s excesses to a conformist.

In the wake of the just concluded elections, Mwenda has openly shown his lack of support for Col Besigye, tweeting that his supporters had overestimated his potential to floor President Museveni in an election.

“Besigye did not win this election. But I agree he won the propaganda war and successfully shaped perception of the election outcome,” he tweeted.

“How do we explain failure of FDC to field candidates in 89 constituencies? Did NRM rig them from contesting as well?”

Meanwhile Col Dr Kizza Besigye remains locked up at his house as the deadline clock ticks down to the closure of the legal way of challenging the election result.

According to the FDC chief Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe, the party NEC is meeting today at their headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

“We still wait for Dr. Besigye to attend this meeting. He is expected to give direction and his views about the matter,” she said.

“We still keep the hope and patience despite dictator provocation. In case police block him again from attending or arrests him again. The party will communicate to Ugandans the next course of action.”



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