ANALYSIS: NTV Can Win Back Its Viewers; 2 Ways Museveni Always Does

The Orange Group on Monday announced that it has signed a binding agreement with Helios Investment Partners for the sale of its entire 70% stake in Telkom Kenya.

According to a communique from Orange, buy the move reflects the telecom’s constant focus on optimizing its portfolio of assets.

Helios emerged as one of a number of bidders that wanted to acquire Orange’s stake in Kenya’s fixed incumbent and third largest mobile operator in September.

The French company, page which operates in 19 countries across Africa and the Middle East, there has previously stated its Kenyan business was under review as part of its strategy to be a top two player in the markets where it operates.

Telkom Kenya is the country’s incumbent fixed-line operator and is the third player in the mobile market.

The company, which operates a high-quality mobile data network, had four million mobile customers at the end of June 2015 according to figures published by the regulator.

Helios has made numerous investments across Africa, and operates a wide ranging tower business. The company owns towers in Ghana.
Police have released a list of probable electoral offenses that might lead to one’s arrest and imprisonment during the elections period.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga told journalists at the Police Headquarters in Naguru that these offenses affect the media practitioners, this police officers, candidates and the electorate.

“We have found it fit to release a list of these probable offenses that most Ugandans tend to be ignorant about and we have as well set up an Electoral and Political Offenses Squad to handle all related cases,” Enanga said.

“The squad is led by Suzan Kasente. I therefore encourage all victims of electoral offenses to report to her office or toll free line (0800100912) on time to have their issues addressed.”

Enanga warned journalists that under Section 3 of the Press and Journalism Act, any publication that infringes on the privacy of an individual is criminal and will lead to payment of a fine and or imprisonment.

He added that editors must make sure that all recordings and news bytes are kept for at least a period of 30 days and produced to relevant security agencies if needed.

Enanga highlighted several computer misuse acts which include among others; cyber harassment of candidates by agents, cyber stalking and use of social media to abuse other candidates.

“Any candidate that shall use false statements about the health of another or declaring that the other candidate has stepped down will be charged under the Presidential Elections Act.”

“Bribery and selling of voters’ cards in also an offense that is punishable by law; both parties involved in bribery shall be arrested and face a fine and imprisonment.”

Enanga also warned against plucking off of candidates’ posters from lawful places. “I should clear this, if a poster is removed from one’s house or office, there is no offense committed since that is not a legally designated place.”
Neither fair and balanced broadcasting nor massive advertising budgets, approved promotions or better quality programming can bring back the old glory but more basic, visit web less costly gestures that marketing managers tend to ignore.

Over the past few months, Uganda national television leader has suffered a backlash with both viewers and some of their cream of on screen and production staff moving to an upcoming competitor, NBS TV.

Without mincing words, NBS TV has grown in programming, broadcasting, advertising and most things TV: the fact that the Kamwokya based broadcaster still has a long way to go in order to reach the level NTV is at, is very well documented.

So why are the staff walking and why cant the viewers sit down either?

Most marketing executives will always point at certain factors commonly known to drive consumer behavior notably quality programming and availability of a competing alternatives.

However the human generation as is famously said is quickly outgrowing that kind of belief and we are slowly ‘going back to the future’, the simple ordinary things and that’s where the marketers get hit in the nose.

Africa for example is renowned as a continent for dictatorship, authoritarianism and generally bad leadership. The kind of complaints causing NTVs viewership to struggle is similar to what president Museveni has faced in his 30 years at the helm of Uganda’s political leadership.

In a way however, he has managed to stay at the top amidst all those and I think NTV and any brand struggling with similar challenges can copy at least 3 basic tricks from him, to give the viewers another rap.

Approval Your Own People

Through the NRM parliamentary caucus, Mr. Museveni has over the year’s portrayed himself and the ruling party as the man of the ‘temple of quick things and happiness’.

Caucus meetings often end with resolutions such as creation of more districts and constituencies (to the interests of NRM members and supporters).

In some cases the president even offers millions to each Member of Parliament to clear personal debts.

Though criticized as unfair to democracy as it compromises the independence of parliament and may put the nation’s economy at stake, such gestures result in MPs coming out as happy people, every time they meet the president.

To an ordinary person if an MP meets the president and comes back a smiling, it is a sign of approval of the latter as a good person.

Tip for NTV

The thing about well known employees shying away from their appointed duties whether to find greener pastures, pursue further education abroad or do something else is that it draws a picture of a ‘vote of no confidence’ on the company from the company’s own people, the ones who know it best.

Yes, employees and allies are not captives and will always move away but while they are still around they should show us (the customers) that they are at a good organisation, and are happy to be there just for the sake of it and not because they have an employment contract to yield to.

If the only time someone will log into Facebook or twitter and post or tweet a good line or two about their employer is when they are leaving, then the employer has got to go on rehab.

Approval From The Industry (Defection In Awards)

Major defections to NRM by renowned political actors such as Eriya Kategaya, Gilbert Bukenya, Maj. Rurangaranga, Maureen Kyala and Nasser Ssebbaggala have played a big role in renewing that sense of approval within Museveni’s ranks.

Unlike internal approval where the employees/party members chanting may seem to be simply naïve or short of exposure, defections from people who have seen both sides have far much weight.

For example when Professor Gilbert Bukenya recently ran back to the president he said, “I’ve been going around but did find anything there, those opposition people have nothing to offer.” This kind of action turns on many who may have started developing doubt in the organization hence they stay a little longer.

Tip for NTV

Recruiting TV and radio presenters to the prime time news screen would work magic around the viewership numbers but the mere fact that such do not have previous experience in news-casting underscores their might.

In fact, we turn the TV on for the sake of curiosity but can’t stay there for as long as you would need.

I think, recruiting tested members of major opponents in country such as vision groups’ Bukedde would give the NTV brand a better sign of approval, good to drive viewers’ perception of the station.

A recruit of Innocent Tegusulwa of the ‘toli mwavu’ fame of Bukedde TV or Joy Doreen Biira of KTN Kenya’s prime time news bulletin would however do so much in countering the exodus of reporters and production staff from the station.

In asking questions about why people would choose to leave bigger media houses such as Vision Group (mother company of Bukedde TV), NTV’s viewers would have a re-thought of Uganda’s television leader and maybe, just maybe they would tell their friends and the message spreads, and it spreads until NTV captures “power” for another 3year term or so.

Generally, things such as balanced broadcasting and quality programming are in most cases over-rated because we all do not look at quality programming and balanced broadcasting in the same way. Sponsored Facebook adverts and TV promotions as well cannot save the company because this has reached a point of usher propaganda and emotional reasoning (thinking with the heart not the mind). The TV management should appeal to viewers in an emotional way or go on a long holiday.

By Stephen Obeli Someday

      Twitter: @StepehnObeli


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