Election 2016

Amama Mbabazi Postpones Manifesto Launch

Mbabazi (R) on the campaign trail

As a young boy, no rx http://cqaireland.com/wp-includes/feed.php curiosity and enthusiasm led Solomon King Bende to disassemble his toy cars in an attempt to discover how exactly they functioned.

His passion for electronics became more robust and from working with high school students, http://cultura-sueca.com.ar/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/inc/widgets.php Solomon later created Fundi Bots a robotics training space to inspire a generation of practical minds that will be problem solvers.

This was a suitable way he would fulfil his long harboured dream of experimenting with machines, gadgets and technology.

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Solomon, among others is also founder and CEO of Node Six, a Ugandan web solutions firm offering domain, email and hosting services a further manifestation of his burning desire for technology.

His achievements at quite a young age demonstrate nothing but untamed self-motivation and strong leadership.

He was among the 8 innovators awarded in this year’s pioneer MTN Innovation Awards where Fundi Bots won Innovation Achiever of the Year.


ChimpReports had an exclusive interview with Solomon on the sidelines of the awards ceremony at Kampala Serena Hotel on Friday night to trace the origin of the idea and why it’s important for Uganda.

“It all started in my house, with a bunch of kids who used to come to learn about electronics. The fact that it has got to this stage where the organization gets such big recognition, it’s a good validation. That the dream is recognized strongly and for the impact it’s capable of having for Uganda,” Solomon told me.

“We use robotics to enhance the quality of science education in schools. In the process of teaching kids how to build robots, they’re also learning electronics, computer programming, mechanical engineering and life skills like leadership, discipline and project management,” said Solomon.

He explained that this enables these kids to have a practical experience and to be transformed into future community changers.

Primary kids during the Junior Robotics Camp in September

Primary kids during the Junior Robotics Camp in September

MTN Partnership

This September, MTN in conjunction with Fundi Bots engaged primary school kids in a 3 days training named Junior Robotics Camps where teams were tasked to build electronic projects.

I ask him, “In a Uganda where most parents want their kids to become doctors, lawyers, engineers why do you think robots are important?”

He responds: “The challenge we have is an education system that’s extremely theoretical, and requires kids to imagine and visualize things. The practical aspect is at low key and these kids are oriented to only pass exams.”

“We teach them to build the robots but we don’t necessarily want them to focus too much on robots. Yes, it’s cool, fun and exciting but the knowledge they pick out of while doing this allows to become good teachers, scientist and engineers,” he adds.

In 10 years, Solomon would want Fundi Bots established in at least 5 African countries, at least 100 schools impacted and at least 100,000 students whose lives have been changed by our organization.

Primary kids during the Junior Robotics Camp in September

Primary kids during the Junior Robotics Camp in September

Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi has halted the launch of his manifesto but will continue campaigning next week, viagra dosage http://creativecommons.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/3rd-party/3rd-party.php Chimp Corps report.

“The Manifesto launch that was slated for today has been postponed to allow for a peer review, viagra order ” said Mbabazi in a brief statement on Saturday.

“We are also using this time to allow our TDA (U) partners time to integrate their ideas in the Manifesto.”

The former Prime Minister was expected to launch his manifesto today in Kampala.

Only Yoweri Museveni and Prof Venansius Baryamureeba have issued manifestos for public scrutiny.

Other candidates claim having manifestos which are yet to be released to the public, troche raising questions about their seriousness in the presidential race.

It’s only in Uganda where presidential candidates commence campaigns before issuing their manifestos.

Wamala Jonathan Mulindwa Junior posted on Mbabazi’s page: “Forward we go? Without a manifesto and you are campaigning.”

Kyagwe Tony responded: “But we need a manifesto to guide our campaigns.”

Mbabazi urged patience, saying the manifesto will be launched in future.

“We appreciate your patience and understanding and will inform you of the new date for the launch,” he said.


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