Election 2016

Amama Mbabazi: I Can Run Uganda Better Than Museveni

The first nomination day for presidential candidates for next year’s general elections ended this afternoon amidst calls for tolerance and observance of electoral rules.

Only three out of five aspirants were successfully nominated in the names of incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, unhealthy http://cnsawdust.com/templates/rt_radiance/html/com_k2/templates/override/item.php Hon Amama Mbabazi and Prof Venansius Baryamureeba.

Former Kampala Mayor Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala late in the afternoon sent in a request to the Electoral Commission to withdraw from the race, while Charles Lwanga’s nomination failed because he was not fully prepared.

Five more aspirants are expected to be nominated tomorrow Wednesday, among them leading opposition FDC flag bearer Col Kizza Besigye.

Speaking to reporters at the close of the day’s work, the Commission Chairman Eng Badru Kiggundu said he would continue to engage with the candidates in boardroom discussions after the nomination process to minimize and or eliminate possible conflicts and glitches throughout the campaign trail

The Electoral Commission has provided brand new Nissan pickup lead vehicles to each one of the nominated candidates to help them during the campaigns.

According to Kiggundu, every contestant will also be provided with fulltime security to safeguard their lives throughout the election period.

“Security guards will be provided night and day to the candidates at the expense of the tax payer throughout the election. So candidates should not worry about incurring these costs,” he said.

Mr Kiggundi called upon the different parties to conduct their campaigns in a competitive but not aggressive manner.

“We brought up the initiative of handing the peace flag to nominated candidates. This symbolizes tolerance, peace loving and harmonious coexistence. It’s a good posture because we want a peaceful process,” he added.
Presidential aspirant Hon Amama Mbabazi has commenced his presidential bid with a rally at Nakivubo Stadium in Kampala during which he made a moving speech with controversial statements that will trigger discomfort in the ruling NRM party, visit web http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-header-image-setting.php Chimp Corps report.

Described by many Democratic Party politicians as the country’s liberator, purchase Mbabazi concentrated on allaying fears among his supporters that he was incapable of taking power from President Museveni and effectively running the State.

“I have been at the beginning and the centre of creating these security forces,” said Mbabazi, adding, there is no one who can claim monopoly of ably running the country’s security apparatus.

Mbabazi further submitted that he enjoys a wealth of experience in not only managing the nation’s defence but also diplomacy and public administration.

The comments are likely to spark a backlash from the president who is always discomforted by politicians’ claim of having links to the armed forces.

Observers say without necessarily attacking President Museveni, the former Prime Minister who was sacked in 2014 tactfully attempted to expose as hollow assertions that government is addressing poor healthcare, unemployment and poverty.

He said Ugandans continue to struggle with poor education and that no one should be treated as a second class citizen.

“Now is the time to invest in people instead of buildings and weapons,” said Mbabazi.

Human rights

He did not spare the police which have on several occasions blocked his public assemblies, saying  Ugandans should take a decision on whether “to be ruled by confusion, intimidation and bribery or choose to move on to better things.”

A former close ally to President Museveni, Mbabazi said he enjoys broad support from different parts of the country, giving the example of MP Beatrice Anywar (Acholi) and several MPs from Buganda and Eastern Uganda.

On the failure of a Joint Presidential Candidate, Mbabazi said, “Let us leave the quarrels of the past in favour of unity.”

He said Uganda’s challenges remain enormous, requiring “someone with a right mind, determination and tolerance, patience, strength of will and can see the bigger picture.”

On his personality, Mbabazi said he grew up from the valleys of the high hills of Kigezi where even eagles did not dare fly.

He said his parents worked in the church and learned from them the benefits of avoiding greed and laziness.

Hitting at his opponents, Mbabazi said “those who are more inclined to abuse rather than debate can’t be fit to be president.”

Emphasising that time for change was ripe, Mbabazi went ahead to denounce what he described as the militarisation of society and widespread corruption.


Mbabazi tactfully dodged responsibility for not addressing the country’s challenges such as poverty, saying “I worked in the government for this entire long but I was not the president. All the executive powers are in the hands of the President.”

Mbabazi served as Minister in key areas such as Security, Defence, Justice and External Security before being appointed Prime Minister.

When he tried to clandestinely mobilise against Museveni, he was sacked and later toppled as NRM Secretary General.

On improving household incomes, Mbabazi pledged to empower women and youth and farmers through the restoration of cooperative societies.

He said the quality of life of Ugandans must improve hence the urgent need for transition of power to another generation.

Shortly before he spoke, former Ethics Minister Miria Matembe said the former NRM Secretary General has potential to transform Uganda.

Ex Buganda Minister Medard Sseggona said it was Mbabazi who pressured Museveni to hand over Mengo’s properties, an eyebrow-raising assertion considering that the president has in recent years worked hard to restore amiable relations between the central government and the Kingdom.

Many praised him as a strong willed politician whose presidential candidature was timely.

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