Election 2016

Amama Mbabazi Arrives in Masaka

President Museveni has used his first rally in the presidential campaigns to attack his former Prime Minister and rival, more about http://coachesacrosscontinents.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/pipe.php Hon Amama Mbabazi for claiming to have an agenda of taking Uganda ‘forward’ yet the country is on the right path to progress and transformation.

“When you hear Mbabazi say ‘Go Forward’ where will they pass?” wondered Museveni after emphasising government’s prioritisation of the road infrastructure, ed http://closdescapucins.fr/wp-includes/default-constants.php education and energy projects.

“The NRM went Forward long ago before those using ‘Go Forward’ slogan, unhealthy http://cippico.com/wp/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-nav-menu-name-control.php ” added Museveni at Zirobwe Town Playgrounds in Luwero.

Mbabazi, who served under President Museveni in high profile positions, is now contesting for the highest political position in the land.

Mbabazi has since blasted what he described as tiredness in Uganda’s governance systems, saying there is need to transfer power from the incumbent to a new generation.

Thousands of supporters attended Museveni’s first campaign rally.


There was drama when Museveni called the area police chief to explain the increased crime cases including cattle theft and murder.

He rooted for a robust intelligence gathering system and partnership between locals and security services.

Museveni also urged police to put in place road blocks to check cattle theft.

The President was welcomed by NRM Vice Chairman, Hajji Moses Kigongo, Mike Mukula, Kasule Lumumba and Ministers Muyingo and Nyombi Thembo.

“It’s upon us to vote the government that will lead the country for the next term,” Museveni started his speech.

“History for NRM and Uganda dates back. There was no freedom of speech, but NRM led efforts to restore it,” he added.

Museveni ensured the contents of his speech resonated with the aspirations of audience which bore the brunt of the NRA war that catapulted the guerrillas to power in 1986.

“After coming to power we embarked on recovery of the economy. Now we are better off. We then tackled development and reconstruction and you the people of Luweero are witnesses,” he added.

Museveni singled out several roads such as Luwero – Kafu, Kasangati – Zirobwe, Matugga – Semuto among others as evidence of his commitment to open up Luwero for trade with neighbours.

“We are now focused on wealth creation. We have started that program plus NAADs. We know they haven’t done it well but will work well with time,” he explained.

He also warned against sectarianism, saying “NRM has unified people not to be sectarian. NRM brought that unity which you should keep amongst yourselves”

Museveni further pointed at the broad political stability and security enjoyed by Ugandans to root for more support from the people who supported his rise to power in 1986.

“We have been able to tame the army to become disciplined and strong. The army has been able to send away rebels like Kony and ADF,” assured Museveni.

Returning to wealth creation, Museveni called beneficiaries to give testimonies.

Several of them said they received coffee seeds and dairy cattle which have boosted their household incomes.

Museveni promised to inject more money in wealth creation programmes.

He is expected to hold two more rallies in Luwero today.

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The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) in conjunction with Azam Uganda Premier League successfully concluded a management course organized to train the respective club chairman from top tier clubs about several management issues.

The three-day residential course began on Friday 6th and climaxed on Sunday 8th at the Fufa technical centre in Njeru with the participants going through a variety of modules ranging from Football and its trend, sildenafil http://cbpa.com/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php General management, rx http://codesiconsulting.com/wp-includes/widgets.php   Fufa and Its development programmes, http://danielpyne.com/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-gd.php planning, club management and sports Sponsorship particularly football.

Top officials from the federation who double up as Fifa instructors handled the three-day programme. They included FIFA instructors Eng. Moses Magogo (FUFA President) and Justus Mugisha (FUFA 1st Vice President), Samuel
Mpima (FUFA Executive Member), Ahmed Hussein (FUFA Communication manager), Decolas Kizza (Finance Director), Edgar Watson (FUFA CEO), Alex Luganda (Former FUFA legal head).

“We really hope this training we pass to the clubs are taken seriously and implemented. That is the only way we can improve on the quality of the league and game in general,” Fufa spokesman Ahmed Hussein told Chimpsports during the closing session.

“FUFA and AUPL we are committed to the progressive support of strengthening the club structures of football administration and management. We hope that capacity building will lead us there,” AUPL chairman, Mr. Bainamani remarked.

Among the participants include; Peter Emojong (Chairman Soana FC), Arinaitwe Rugyendo (Chairman FSLL), Mandu Humphrey (Board Member FSLL), Kalitwe Hamdan (AUPL Finance), Aliasi Silver (Chairman BUL FC), Kifampa Mubiru Muhammad (Assistant Chairman Lweza FC), Nkugwa Peter (Vice Chairman Express), Faisal
Mohamed (Chairman JMC Hippos), Bugingo Nalis (Assistant Chairman Maroons FC),  Kiiza Decolas (Finance Director FUFA), Ahmed Hussein (FUFA Communications Manager), Mbidde Dennis (FUFA 3rd Vice President), Opio Joseph (C/Man Sadolin Paints), Ojok Geofrey Oduk (FUFA Chairman Legal Committee), Fred Kawuma (FSLL Board Member).
Hon Amama Mbabazi has arrived in Masaka ahead of his rally on Monday afternoon.

Mbabazi is accompanied by aides and a few supporters displaying his posters.

He made brief stopovers in Nsangi and Mbizi Nnya market to greet supporters.

Earlier in the day, this http://cosmopolitan.taconeras.net/wp-includes/post.php Mbabazi’s chief mobiliser, web Mathias Mpuuga claimed that police led thugs who defaced the presidential candidate’s posters.

Police have since denied the accusation as a publicity-seeking stunt.

However, ChimpReports has seen several damaged posters of the former NRM Secretary General.

In Masaka, Mbabazi expects to ride on DP structures to pull large crowds.

Mbabazi’s ‘Go Forward’ group has since made a partnership with DP in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

The area is considered a DP stronghold.

Some of the DP top shots on Mbabazi’s campaign trail include Norbert Mao and Mukasa Mbidde.

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