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AKENA: Besigye, Mbabazi Too Fought UPC Government

The Uganda People’s Congress party president Jimmy Akena Obote has said that two of the presidential candidates also fought his party’s government in the 1980s.

While appearing on a weekly political talk show, more about http://cleanenergybiofuels.com/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php “On the Spot” on NTV on Thursday evening, viagra dosage http://ccresourcecenter.org/wp-admin/includes/admin-filters.php Akena said both the Forum for Democratic Change party presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye and that of Go Forward, Amama Mbabazi personally and actively participated in the bush war that kicked out his father’s UPC from power.

Akena, who also represents Lira Municipality in Parliament came under pressure from the sections of the public accusing him of getting into a political bed with President Yoweri Museveni who led the battle against his party.

Museveni was the commander of National Resistance Army that launched a five year guerilla struggle against the government of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote on 6th February 1981 and emerged victorious on 26th January 1986.

ChimpReports on November 9, 2015 broke the story of a negotiating alliance between the UPC that did not front a presidential candidate for the 2016 general elections, with the Museveni`s National Resistance Movement party.

On Saturday last week while in the UPC’s stronghold in Lango, Museveni confirmed the development that is he described as positive so far.

On Monday this week, Akena also addressed the press and concurred with the president adding that the alliance would be based on UPC’s core values for the national good including health, education, agriculture and others.

Some UPC members like the Lira district party chairman, Dan Okello said it was wrong for Akena to try to cooperate with Museveni who kicked out UPC.

They argued that Akena would have made alliance with other candidates like Besigye and Mbabazi whose hands are “clean” as far as ejecting UPC from the mantle of power was concerned.

Akena spared some good minutes last evening and explained to them what would inform his alliance with Museveni.

He said the past is done and Ugandans should concentrate on national integration and cohesion to move the country forward.

“The past is done and gone. Nothing benefits us from visiting the past and we should strongly concentrate on getting together and taking our country forward.” Akena said.

Akena observed that if the past is to dictate the current arena, both Besigye and Mbabazi would stand no chance talking to UPC since they were as well in the bush with president Museveni.

“Talking of those who fought UPC, we cannot leave out Besigye and Mbabazi. Besigye participated and again served in Movement government in different capacities including Chief of Logistics, Political Commissar and a minister. We all know about Mbabazi starting from 80`s up to recently when he left the government at a senior position of prime minister,” Akena observed.

Dr. Besigye was president Museveni’s personal physician during the bush days and after the NRA capture of Kampala he became the minister of State for Internal Affairs.

In 1988 he was reshuffled to President`s office and National Political Commissar and in 1991, he was made the Commanding Officer of the Mechanized Regiment in Masaka.

Besigye’s last office in government was that of Chief of Logistics and Engineering which he assumed in 1993.

In 1999 Dr. Besigye penned a dossier criticizing the system and eventually stood against Museveni in 2001.

Meanwhile during the 1980`s struggle against the UPC government, Mbabazi who is a founding member of NRA and it`s precursor, the FRONASA, led the external wing and also carried out the then fashionable clandestine activities in the country.


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