Adapt to Social Media – Prof. Barya tells Ugandans

Ronald Tahebwa, there 28, medical a resident of Kayunga District, see  yesterday November 4th, is alleged to have committed suicide after he found out that he was HIV positive.

It is said that two weeks back, Tahebwa went to Kayunga Hospital and tested for HIV but was told to pick his results yesterday.

However, after obtaining them revealing his status as positive, he reportedly locked himself in his house, and set it ablaze.

“His friends revealed to us that he had been bothered for some time with his health and that he had told them that he was going to test for HIV,” said Police deputy spokesperson, Polly Namaye.

“We suspect that the deceased wasn’t given proper counseling or else was mentally ill leading him to commit suicide,” added Namaye.

His body has been conveyed to Kayunga Ceath Center 3, for postmortem, as investigations into his death continue.

The vice chancellor of Ugandan Technology and Management University (UTAMU) Prof Vanesius Baryamureeba has urged Ugandans to adapt to the use of social media work to simplify their work.

Speaking at the launch of the first Eastern African social media conference at the royal suites in Buglobi this week, sickness Prof Baryamuleba said communication trends have drastically changed with the current integration of social media network.

“MP and other legislators spend huge sum of cash traveling upcountry every weekend to monitor projects yet they can be up dated through social media, at institutional level we have integrated social media in learning” Prof Baryamuleba said.

He cited a situation where Facebook proposed a move to acquire WhasApp at 19 billion dollars as a dedicated move to keep the world informed and on tract.

What is it that we cannot do with social media? He queried the guest in the room urging that embracing social media groups for meeting and other dedicated purpose is timely and necessary for people in business to hike their network, advance marketing and reap money from it.

“Social media is the only reliable tool for brand marketing, avenue to conduct political campaigns and reach the mass because everybody is tweeting and communicating”

Betty Aliba, chief organizer under PFT events in conjunction with 8media Kenya they have a strong belief in the power of social media as a tool for learning, knowledge and transaction.

“Social media brings direct interface with brands with real time feedback as it engaged parties to do productive work as they build their concept and audience” Betty said.

A move to organize this event for the first time in the region was aimed at improving service deliverance, bolster business growth and advance networking spirit.

She stressed that as the event picks up among the locals they are aiming to empower business to access skills and information, learning and knowledge exchange and building new brands while tapping on the power of social media.

Representing, GIZ , Ann Kristina Kanathigoda, the head of program  reform of the urban water and sanitation sector (RUWASS) seconded Prof Baryamulebas call stating that social media incorporated with other social communication avenues including the use of sms is very affordable and easy to reach a multiplicity of people.

According to Kristina, empowering the youth with the skills now will be prepare a generation of future leaders to be utilized a simple and dynamic platform to spark discussion on more serious issues. Adding that GIZ and its other partners have advanced this cause and that of using SMS to call for health and sanitation as well as environment social reforms.

“There is no time to waste we have to do all our business instantly” Simon Kaheru, the chairman information and communication technology association of Uganda said.

He however cautioned Ugandans to try and checked on the other social networking site than sidelining on Facebook alone. He called for professionalism and told members and those prospective companies intending to use these platforms not to necessarily use it to sell their products but rather talk about your products as it will eventually find its way in the market.

Over 3 billion people have joined Facebook since it’s founding with a record mark of 100billion dollar investment a move that has seen the big wig personalities in the world including the pope and some prominent leaders in Africa including our very own President Museveni join the lot of social media to communicate with the world.


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