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MP Nsereko Faces Bank Fraud Case

viagra 40mg stuff geneva; font-size: small;”>This investigative website on Monday exclusively reported that Nsereko had been held by detectives and led to the Crane Bank chambers in Kampala where he met the financial institution’s top officials.

check geneva;”>It has now emerged that police on Wednesday grilled three Crane Bank officials at Kampala Police Station in connection with aiding the transfer of Shs300m through Western Union to Nsereko.

A police source who preferred anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to press, said billions of shillings had been received by Nsereko suspected “negative elements” in a record time of 8 months.

“We want Nsereko to tell us the source of this money. This is money laundering,” a detective told our investigations news desk.

More information shows that Nsereko’s woes started in July after Bank of Uganda cited a massive flow of funds through Nsereko’s savings account at Crane Bank.

The Central Bank swiftly wrote to Crane, seeking an explanation on Nsereko’s questionable financial transactions.

It was later realized that some Crane Bank officials were conniving with Nsereko to facilitate the transfer of these funds, mainly from overseas.

So in early July, Crane Bank contacted Nsereko to appear at the Chambers for “clarification” on his transactions.

Sources at Crane Bank say, despite numerous reminders and even threats to arrest him, Nsereko refused to appear at the financial institution.


On Tuesday afternoon, detectives swung into action and arrested him.

Nsereko was then led to the bank’s Managing Director Kalan’s office on the second floor of Crane Chambers.

Being a very connected man, Nsereko contacted some government officials to come to his rescue as the bank was ready to surrender him to police.

Such a move would have devastating consequences on his political ambitions.

So at around 5pm, the head of Violent Crime Intelligence and Operations at the Kampala Central Police Station (CPS), Charles Kataratambi, entered Kalan’s office.

Kataratambi was later followed by Gen. Salim Saleh’s special aide Capt. Juma Seiko.

Seiko’s six daughters work in Crane Bank and is also a private security advisor to Sudhir Ruparelia.

At this time, it was visibly clear to the customers and passersby that there was something strange at the bank.

When the news started spreading that Nsereko was under fire at the bank, dozens of photo journalists thronged the bank premises.

They even went as far as the second floor where Nsereko, Kataratambi, Seiko and Kalan were holding a meeting.

The bank’s security directed press to get out of the building. Details of what transpired at meeting are still scanty but Kalan pledged to fully work with police in connection with this matter.

So at around 5:30pm, Sudhir emerged out of the building and was driven off.

It was not until 7:30pm that Nsereko was stealthily led to a Harrier brand car just a few metres away from the bank and driven off.


Contacted for comment on Thursday morning, Kalan told our news desk: “At this time we are not in position to make a statement.”

Reminded that some of the bank’s officials had been interrogated for aiding money laundering and this could put the bank in the eye of the storm, Kalan said: “Let me assure you that we cannot make a statement now.”

He further noted that he “didn’t know” whom we should contact for a comment.

The nation will surely wonder why, if not true, the bank is not making any statement on the saga.

“If it wasn’t true, the bank would just say so,” one of our investigative journalists said.


Nsereko has since accused his political enemies of masterminding reports that he is involved in a suspected fraud case.

“I don’t know who is behind this. In fact I don’t want to know. The voice of reason cannot be silenced by arrogance,” said Nsereko in an interview with Chimpreports on Tuesday morning.

“I have excellent working relations with Crane Bank. I have banked with them for 12 years,” he clarified.

Sources have told this website that Nsereko is trying to politicize the saga.


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