Health Ministry Launches Rwanda Family Healthy Project

help what is ed geneva; font-size: small;”>According to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of health Dr. Uziel Ndagijimana, pills the purpose of the five year project is to build the capacity of Rwandan institutions to make them able to deliver high quality family healthy service to Rwandan people.

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thumb geneva;”>This program will focus on family planning, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, maternal, neonatal and child health, malaria prevention and treatment, nutrition, safe water and hygiene.

Ndagijimana said this project would help us increase the use of district-level facility and community based family health services.

FHP key components include improving quality of health care facilities, expand access to family health service by increasing the number of skilled health care providers, increase demand for facility and community-based family health services and strengthen management of facility.

“These are important objectives but they are complimentary to other healthy sector initiatives. However this project will help build local capacity, promote health behaviour, increase use of healthy services and strengthen linkages within community health facilities by coordinating multiple delivery activities and resources,” said Uziel.

Paul Jules Ndamage, Mayor of Kicukiro District who spoke on behalf of all districts in which the FHP will extend its support with the aim of improving health of citizens hailed this project.

“Rwanda is often hailed for making good progress. While this is a motivation for us as Rwandans, we must keep the momentum,” said Ndamage.

“The effort to improve should not ignore the need to sustain those gains that we and our partners have so tirelessly worked to achieve. As districts, we operationalize home grown solutions. We also cherish innovations and welcome new ideas because we believe that this is how we will sustain our gains.

We are therefore open to offering our lessons to the Rwanda Family Health Project,” he promised.


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