Museveni Blasts Gen. Otafiire In Bushenyi


store website http://davidsols.fr/wp-includes/class-phpass.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Speaking at Ruharo parish in Bushenyi municipality on Saturday, advice sale http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-includes/ms-functions.php the president said people should not put him under undue pressure and also expect him to bring each and everything into their homes.

unhealthy geneva; font-size: small;”>“Stop pressuring me over services. I don’t want laziness and you taking me like your shamba boys, expecting me to do everything for you. I brought this project in this area with an aim of making you thirsty for development. Government has never done anything for me therefore I expect you to copy from other farmers and start from there,” Museveni said.

Ruharo was selected in 2004 as a model parish where the president is supporting farmers in a number of enterprises.

But out of 930 homesteads in the parish, a few households have taken the president’s initiative.

What angered the president were the comments from the LC1 chairman who said that the enterprises in the parish were stalling.

“Mr. President your projects in this parish are not going as it was planned. They are giving us chicks of one month old which are very difficult to look after. And even then, it is only a few people who are benefiting but not all us,” John Bosco Tigamugaya, the Ruharo central cell said.

Speaking in Runyakole and quoting Bible verses, Museveni said for the four farmers he visited, he was happy with the project so far.

He said that the problem is that people do not want to copy from others.

“It took me very little time to copy from a farmer in Nyabushozi who had started to look after exotic cows. When I reached home, I told my father (Amos) Kaguta that the world is moving faster than us,” Museveni said.

He said that there is no government that goes into people’s homes to tell them what to do saying that it is the NRM government that has done it.

Not happy with districts

The President said he was not happy with district leaders who are not helping farmers to practice modern agriculture.

For the first time, Museveni said he was not in for the creation of new districts, but gave it a nod due to pressure from the public.

“Why should I mind about a district when I am looking after my cows? I have a problem with district leaders because they are not helping my people. You asked for the district but you are not using them to bring services nearer to the people,” the tough-talking Museveni blasted the local officials.

He instructed agriculture extension workers to get to the grassroots and educate people on what they are supposed to do to get out of poverty.

He mentioned Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire among those who are not helping him in advancing this project.

“The force he uses while speaking is not being applied to sensitise people at the grass root on government programs. Kahinda is not being helpful here,” said Museveni.

The newly appointed minister for gender and social development Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere said people should appreciate that the president gets time to come down and talk to them.

“People forget that we never had a chance to sit and discuss with a sitting president. They saw that he has been in power for long, but it is in the 25 years that we are seeing such developments in these villages,” said Kabwegyere.

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