The Inside Story: Dissecting Sisqo Concert Flop At Kyadondo

Sisqo’s much-hyped gigdosage http://clubebancariositape.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/functions.compat.php geneva; font-size: small;”> at Kyadondo rugby grounds in Kampala on Saturday night has been dubbed by his fans a “flop of the year.”

A clueless Sisqo jetted in the country on Friday night, hoping to bring Kampala in particular and Uganda in general to a standstill with a dance-heavy show.

He was shocked to find less than 40 people in the VIP wing and 360 fans in the “general happiness” section at Kyadondo rugby grounds.

The flop follows in the footsteps of last week’s disappointing attendance at Jamaican “star” Demarco’s concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The Kyadondo concert, now considered one of the worst showings in almost a decade, kicked off at around 8:35pm.

Usually, partiers start flocking at the gates as early as 6pm. But by 9pm, less than 200 tickets had been sold.

Fans looked bored and most of them were heard regretting why they wasted their cash and time on such a flop of a concert.

At around 8:55pm, Jose Chameleone, Jackie Chandiru, Bobi Wine and AK 47 were seen expressing shock that such a concert could hardly pull even 500 music fans.

Nevertheless, they took to the floor, and temporarily charmed the audience.

Ghanaian musician Fuse ODG of the Azonto Dance was a force to reckon as fans danced to his tunes as he performed.

But being a one hit wonder, there was little he could add to set the house “on fire.”


It took organizers an hour to bring Sisqo from his hotel room to perform.

It’s yet unclear what had gone wrong but fans painfully waited from around 10:30pm to almost midnight for Sisqo to get on stage.

That’s when word went around that Sisqo had been alerted by his agent that the venue was not even a quarter-full and was reportedly uncomfortable singing for empty chairs.

At long last, Sisqo stormed the stage. He had nothing new apart from unleashing his “Unleash the dragon,” “Thong Song,” “Got to Get It” among other songs.

Unlike in previous concerts, the sound system was fantastic thus encouraging Sisqo to rock for almost an hour, giving fans some value for their money.

Despite the discouraging attendance and age taking its toll, Sisqo gave it his all to light up the faces of his fans with high-powered dance strokes.


But the flop is a lesson to music concert organizers that they need to revise their marketing and promotion skills if they are to organize a successful concert in future.

One of the reasons why shows are flopping these days is the harsh economic times the country is facing, with many a Ugandan choosing to reduce expenditure on luxury and entertainment.

The second reason is the choice of artistes. Sisqo is not only a “Mzee” but also music veteran who last released a song around 2002 and would hardly attract a crowd.

The third fact is that music promoters are sticking to broadcast and print media for advertising and marketing concerts, yet majority Ugandans are now mainly relying on online news sources for information.

Official statistics show that all Ugandan newspapers combined, do not sell 100,000 copies on a single day. Yet, Uganda has 3.2 million internet users, according 2010 statistics by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) officials now put Uganda internet users at 5 million, a segment of our society the music promoters are naively ignoring.

In fact a few weeks ago, Masembe, an events promotion expert in Kampala used news websites including Chimpreports.com to market the Go Green show at Lugogo Cricket Oval where over 10,000 tickets were sold.

He is now in London, relaxing and enjoying the fruits of his brilliance and taking right decisions in a country facing a technology revolution.

It’s important to note that Ugandans who can afford to buy tickets have access to internet and can easily download Sisqo’s videos for viewing without necessarily spending between Shs25, 000 and Shs70, 000 at the international artiste’s concert.

Another reason is terrorism/ terror threats. Just a few hours before the concert, police spokesperson Simon Kuteesa put the country on high alert, saying Al Shabaab terrorists had sneaked into Uganda to destroy it.

While Ugandans keep partying despite the rise of terror threats, the blood-spattered scenes of the 2011 Kyadondo (coincidentally the venue of Sisqo’s concert) attack remain fresh in the mind of Ugandans.

And lastly, most music promoters in Uganda go for cheap, unappetizing one-hit-wonder international artistes, instead of going for top-quality.

This explains why UB40 and R. Kelly’s shows were among the best the country has seen in recent history. The show was supported by Utl and Capital Fm radio station.

(More pictures will be posted on Chimpreports Facebook page)


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