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SCANDAL: Museveni Probes Makerere’s Prof. Ddumba Over Ghost Workers

approved http://dadstreet.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-plugins-list-table.php geneva; font-size: small;”>The University’s Council on August 15 recommended Ddumba, health http://classlitigation.com/wp-admin/includes/export.php the principal of the College of Business and Management Sciences (COBAMS) School, cheapest to the Chancellor, Makerere University, for consideration as the next Vice Chancellor.

However, according to a complaint which has now been sent to the president’s desk, Makerere economics lecturer John Matovu exposes Prof. Ssentamu as a corrupt man who has on several occasions abused his office.

“Some of Professor Ddumba Ssentamu’s persistent infractions that I have pointed out with clear evidence include but are not restricted to; victimization of staff in attempts to destroy their research and academic careers and effecting salary and allowance payments to ghost workers,” reads part of the dossier.

The development could leave Ddumba with facial lacerations and also put Makerere Chancellor Mondo Kagonyera under fire to think twice before going ahead to name the former as the institution’s next Vice Chancellor.


Among the documents attached to the dossier include a letter to the directors of the College of Business and Management Sciences (COBAMS) dated May 7 2012 in which Matovu accused Prof. Ddumba of favouring a one Grace Ssekakubo by “illegally effecting all manner of payments to him.”

“This one Grace Ssekakubo was on a contract staff here at COBAMS, who against university regulations as laid out in the Makerere Human Resource Manual, was recommended by Prof. Ddumba for a scholarship with the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (DRGT).”

This anomaly was clearly highlighted in the partial audit on the operations of the directorate report which professor Eli Katunguka, the director DRGT posted on the University webmail on April 26 2012.

Yet, under section 12.2.2 (d) of the University’s human resource manual, “an employee on contract outside the training grades is not eligible for sponsorship to training that leads to academic qualifications or lasts for more than one month.”

“The stipulation should be well known to any individual claiming to be a principal of a college here at Makerere. Therefore Prof. Ddumba’s violation of it, speaks of the impunity with which he violates university rules, procedures and regulations in pursuance of his nepotistic, tribalistic, and discriminative agenda that is running the nascent College,” reads part of the dossier.

“As if this is not enough,” Matovu wrote, “having cajoled the DRGT to grant whatever scholarship or assistance that Grace Ssekakubo received, Ddumba embarked on ensuring that the accounts office here at COBAMS continued to illegally effect salary and top up allowances to Ssekakubo in clear violation of Makerere resource manual which states.”

According to the University rules, an employee who proceeds for training without permission or registers for any form of training outside these regulations does so illegally and shall be liable for disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension, termination or dismissal.

On the issue of salaries, the manual provides that the University shall pay salary to and remit benefits for an employee on study and leave.

Allowances that are work related, such as top up, are not paid to an employee during the study leave, according to campus regulations.

According to the dossier, in all these cases, Ssekakubo is illegally receiving salary and top up yet he is not a permanent employee and should have resigned his contract job on seeking further education. “Secondly, he cannot be entitled to such facilities since he is currently not performing any duties for the college.”


Matovu further noted that it is incredulous that a contract staff should illegally receive top up allowances when permanent staff on proper study leave do not, “something that speaks volumes of Prof. Ddumba’s total disregard of the rule of law and treatment of the college as his personal chiefdom and not a public institution. “

He says this is a tip of an iceberg of illegal acts perpetrated by Prof. Ddumba with impunity.

“These cover the gamut of the financial and administrative and require your immediate attention. To this end I would request that you institute an immediate inquiry into how COBAMS finances and human resource issues have been handled under Ddumba,” requests Matovu.

“Suffice to say this will require Ddumba to step aside to avoid him interfering with the work of such an inquiry,” he added.


Chimpreports.com has also obtained an email from Ssekakubo to the University authorities, explaining his side of the story.

“There is no two ways in this; I could not resign my job to do the PhD, because clearly, I would not be able to support my studies and my family-even now life is very very hard! Calling me to resign my job is simply asking me to abandon my PhD,” he wrote on April 27.

“In all this, I am feeling so sorry for Prof. Ddumba, for the insults and abuses of all kinds directed at him partly because of the fatherly heart extended to me (and other colleagues at COBAMS), for he knew that if he asked me to resign my job before starting my PhD, I would have never started it.”

Interestingly, Matovu in one of the letters attached to the dossier which has been submitted to the president, accuses Ssekakubo of involvement “in the loss of key equipment here at the college and was protected by Ddumba.”

It also alleged that management refused to release the results of its investigation into the theft.

Asked to comment on his dossier, Matovu told Chimpreports.com: “Oh please, you journalists where did you get this information? I cannot comment on that matter for personal reasons.”


Presidential spokesperson Tamale Mirundi said Prof. Ddumba should not panic. “How can a whole Professor panic? The President will refer the matter to any of the seven security organs and institutions to investigate.”

He added: “For me I have a low opinion of these professors. Nobody can influence the decision of the president unless the matter is based on facts and law. You see in the oil bribery scandal, Parliament investigated but the president appointed his own people to investigate.”

Pressed to clarify on steps the President will take concerning this matter, Mirundi charged: “Why do we have all these investigative arms of government? This issue will be investigated by relevant authorities.”

Prof. Ddumba was not readily available for comment.

In his dossier, Matovu concludes: “Your Excellency my humble request is that you use your good offices to ensure their a thorough due diligence is carried out on Professor Ddumba Ssentamu, in order to ascertain his suitability for the office of Vice Chancellor, given the serious allegations I here raise and which I have also forwarded to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) for investigation.”


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