Maurice Kirya- Living And Loving Music


here geneva; font-size: small;”>27-year old Kirya had a pretty normal child hood filled with lots of music.

patient geneva; font-size: small;”>Kirya went to Nakivubo Blue primary school and later Kampala Citizens’ college where he did his A levels.

Kirya is very passionate about music and for him music was something he grew up doing.

“I come from a family that loves music and I have been singing with my family since I was 12 years old. Music was always a part of me, and it was the best language I spoke.”

He is also brother to popular Ugandan dance hall star Elvis Kirya also known as Vamposs/Vampino.

The two are very close: “I love my brother to bits,” he tells Chimp Corp Evonne Turahirirwe.

The duo intends to do a single together soon.

So what does Kirya do for fun?

Unlike most artistes, music is a hobby for Kirya. He loves creating music and reading a book or two.

Kirya‘s music is a blend of Soul, Afro and R&B which he likes to call “Mwooyo” which means soul.

He has been nominated for the Kisma Awards and many other prestigious accolades.

He has worked with the gorgeous Jordan Sparks, legendary Mali musician Moussa, DialCecQuartet (Germany), Beniwe from Paris, First Love (Uganda) and Pragmo from Uganda.

Kirya also won the award for best R& B artist for the Pearl of Africa Music awards in 2007.

He is also the first Ugandan to be nominated and win the e world Music Awards created by the directors of the Golden Globes and the producers of Film Independent Spirit Award.

Kirya also has a musical album, “The Book of Kirya”.

The album brings together all the themes of his life. It is a journey that is meant to remind his fans – young or old – a lot about who they are.

Kirya is indeed one of Uganda’s greatest artistes of all time considering that he was recently invited to perform at the just concluded Big Brother star game show in South Africa.

“I just received a call from the organisers asking me to perform at the show because they loved my music,” says an enthusiastic Kirya.

Journey To Fame

Just like any other artiste before the fame and the glitz, he started small.

Kirya started singing professionally at the age of 15. His major breakthrough started when he released his single stop.

This was the song that put him on the music scene.

Kirya is not just an artiste, but also an entrepreneur. He runs a private company Mwooyo Limited consults, an events promotion group.


When it comes to relationships Kirya admits that he is seeing someone but about the details he just won’t tell haa……..

Currently, Kirya has a new song off his album Musibawa which means candles.

He says that the purpose of the song is to remind people that their lives are like candle flames and by the time they burn out, they should have shined as bright as they ever could.

Kirya also has a monthly show, “The Kirya Kirya experience”.

It showcases young and upcoming talent in Uganda. The show promotes all kinds of talent from poetry to song and dance.

Unlike most people, Kirya does not have any dreams of owning a particular car or phone.

“I don’t have a dream phone or car, but I would love to go to the Bermuda Triangle just to know what the fuss is.”

For this young talented artist the sky is the limit. “Well I am still here for a damn good reason; the challenge is being able to still be here for a damn good reason.”

As regards his future plans, Kirya believes he is living in the future

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