FULL LIST: Sudan Plane Crash Kills 4 Ministers, 3 Generals


try geneva; font-size: small;”>The list includes two Cabinet Ministers and their deputies. Three army generals attached to the country’s security and intelligence docket, Airforce and Police also perished in the horrific plane disaster that has shocked the nation.

Investigations into the cause of the accident are still underway.

President Omer Al-Bashir on Sunday expressed his condolences to the Sudanese people on what he called “martyrdom” of the federal Minister of Guidance and Endowments, Engineer Ghazi Al-Saddiq, and others in crash of the plane carrying them to Taludi town, South Kordofan State.

The plane tumbled down into the mountains around Talodi, a town in the border state of South Kordofan, where Sudan Armed Forces are battling rebels.

President Al-Bashir affirmed the state’s commitment to go ahead with following the path of martyrs and to realize peace and stability countrywide.

The officials intended to congratulate the town’s citizens on Eid Al-Fitr.

Below is the full list of the plane crash’s victims

1/ Engineer Ghazi Al-Saddiq – the federal Minister of Guidance and Endowments.

2/ Mahjoub Abdul-Rahim Tutu – the State Minister at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

3/ Eissa Daifalla – the State Minister at the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife.

4/ Ali Al-Jailani – the Minister of Education of Khartoum State.

5/Mekki Ali Balayel – Leader of the Justice Party.

6/ Mohamed Hassan Al-Jaafari – Commissioner at Headquarters of Khartoum State.

7/ Tariq Mubarak – Commissioner of Khartoum North.

8/ Maj. Gen. Salah Ismail – the Air Forces.

9/ Maj. Gen. Ahmed Musa Ahmed – the Police Forces.

10- Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al-Tayeb Abu-Guroon, the Security and Intelligence Organ.

11/ Brigadier Lugman Omer – Second Commander of the People’s Defence Forces.

12/ Hamid Al-Aghbash – the National Assembly.

13/ Dr. Mohamed Al-Bakhit Al-Bashir – the Islamic Figih Council.

14/ Al-Saddiq Abdul-Majid Al-Makkawi – the People’s Defence Forces.

15/ Awadal-Karim Siral-Khatim – Deputy Coordinator of the People’s Defence Forces.

16/ Waeez Salaha Omer – Headquarters of the People’s Defence Forces.

17/ Omer Mahjoub Ahmed – Deputy Coordinator of the People’s Defence Forces.

18/ Salah-Eddin Mustafa – the People’s Defence Forces – Jabal Aulia Locality.

19/ Abdul-Azim Hamza – the National Congress – Khartoum State.

20/ Abdul-Atti Ahmed – Correspondent of the National Television.

21/ Al-Sheikh Abdul-Rahim – the media mission.

22/ Bashir Fadl Al-Sid – Khartoum State Media.

23/ Abdul-Hai Al-Rabie – the media mission.

24/ Ismail Abdul-Karim – the media mission.

25 / Captain Saif-Eddin – Director of Office of Maj. Gen. Abu-Guroon.

26 / Al-Sayer Mohamed Al-Sayer – the Ministry of Guidance and Endowments.

27 /28/ 29/ 30/ 31/ 32 – the crew of the plane.


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