Museveni Looks East To Contain Unemployment Crisis

viagra geneva; font-size: small;”>He said that entrepreneurs from Thailand are welcome to do brisk business in sectors like infrastructure development, recipe electricity, roads, railways, telecommunications, piped water and agro-processing to propel the transformation process of the Ugandan economy.

Museveni made the invitation during a meeting with some of the investors from Thailand lead by Ekkapon Preechakrerkul, the President of Mahachai Enterprise co. ltd at his home in Rwakatura on Thursday.

Museveni has for long been wooing investors from Asia to boost Uganda’s economy, create jobs and develop infrastructure.

The President said Uganda needs more investors with more investment skills to invest in the areas of food processing, like Coffee, Beef, Maize, Bananas a among others in order to add value for better returns.

He said that Uganda which is one of the biggest producers of Coffee, sales the UN processed Coffee to U.K at lower prices of 1dollar per Kg and the same Coffee is sold at higher price in U.K after it is processed to add value.

He noted that food processing has more potential in Uganda, but there are no investors to undertake serious processing to meet the demand.

President says that Uganda is both rich and poor country because of the gap between the capital and entrepreneurship which should have provided value addition.

He noted that the population of Uganda, East Africa, southern Sudan, Africa and the Europe is enough for the consumption of good quality factory products from Uganda.

He said the consumption rate of factory products is growing in Africa while it’s shrinking in Europe adding that Uganda needs quality factory products to supply the big markets in Africa.

Museveni noted that there are no factories in Uganda to employ the skilled labor of the people of Uganda who are educated.

He said the society of Uganda is in the middle, moving from the rural village to the urban which requires factories because the people are educated with skills to work in the factories.

Most Ugandan youth especially graduates are unemployed and government has since been under pressure to initiate projects to consume the redundant labour force.

President asked the investors from Thailand to invest in the infrastructure development like Electricity, roads, Railway, Telecommunication, piped water including Agro processing to transform the economy of Uganda.

Museveni noted that the problems of insecurity in Uganda have been solved by the prevailing peace and the problem of little education has been solved by more Ugandans enrolled in learning.

He said the government of Uganda is now at the process of solving the problems of infrastructures like electricity, roads, railway, savings and Entrepreneurship.

The President of Mahachai enterprise, Ekkapon Preechakrerkul expressed happiness over Museveni’s welcome for them to invest in the economy of Uganda.

He said that he is ready to invest in some of the areas proposed by the President Museveni in Uganda.

He said there company deals in the infrastructure developments of different sectors.

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