DEVELOPING STORY: Missing UPDF Choppers Found In Mt. Kenya

erectile geneva;”>12:49pm: All the found UPDF choppers are in good condition and intact, sick according to Kulayigye.

He says the choppers hard landed in forests of Mt. Kenya due to bad weather.

The Minister of Defence Crispus Kiyonga is expected to brief media at the Ministry’s headquarters a few minutes from now.

10:30: Ministry of Defence calls special press conference at Mbuya to give country details of how Uganda’s Russian-made helicopters went missing in Kenya airspace on Sunday evening.

10:00am: One of the three missing helicopters has now been sighted in Mt Kenya Forest and all necessary resources have been rechanneled to rescue soldiers aboard the aircraft despite the tough terrain.

Francis Munyambu, the police chief for Central Province, tells Kenya media that rescue and recovery teams had been dispatched to the general location where the M1 24 Russian-made helicopter was reportedly sighted.

9:15am: Highly placed sources in the military intelligence of Uganda have confirmed to news desk that three missing UPDF helicopters crashed in Mt. Kenya.

In a text message received at 9:00am today Monday, a senior army official told us one of the Somalia-bound choppers tumbled down in flames in Mt. Kenya while another one was found crashed in Meru.

The source said the attack helicopters were rolling to Somalia for a surprise attack on Al Shabaab held positions.

The helicopters disappeared from the Kenya airspace on Sunday evening.

Sources said Uganda authorities and Kenya air force are working closely to investigate the cause of the crash but it’s highly suspected they were hit by Al Shabaab.

It’s yet unclear how many UPDF soldiers died in the crash.

But the incident comes just a few days when Chief of Defence Forces Gen Aronda Nyakairima flagged off a contingent of 28 Air Force commandos to reinforce AMISOM in planning final assaults on Al Shabaab.

UPDF officials say the choppers had landed in Wajir for refueling before flying to Somalia. is investigating the incident and will keep you posted on latest developments as they unfold.


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