Gen Muntu: I Am Ready For President


there geneva;”>Well known for having foregone a fatty offer to serve in President Milton Obote’s State House after his Political Science course at Makerere University to join the ragtag NRA outfit in the jungles of Luweero, more about Muntu said “if all goes according to plan,” he would give the presidency “a shot.”

“It’s not true that I said I would not contest for president in 2016. What I said was that we are now having the FDC presidential nomination exercise which is very different from the one we shall have in 2015 – where we shall choose the FDC flag bearer in a presidential election,” said Muntu in an exclusive interview with this reporter on Saturday afternoon at party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala.

“If I do things that I need to do and fulfill my obligations as a party president and poll ratings show that I have significant support, I will give the presidency a shot,” said Muntu, whom many believe is blessed with extraordinary eloquence, wit and vision.

“Before I stand for President, I will consider my performance in the next three years, which I am convinced will be impressive,” said the FDC Secretary for mobilization.

Muntu was nominated today for FDC party president, a race that pits him against Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi and MP Geoffrey Ekanya.

Muntu explained to that his party will soon focus on brainstorming on putting in place a transitional government to replace President Yoweri Museveni’s, which he said was crumbling “every day that passes.”

“NRM is dead. The burial is around the corner. I can assure you NRM died long time ago,” stressed Muntu.

He pledged to “give his all” to efforts aimed at putting pressure on government until it officially falls, which included peaceful protests.

“When the government of Museveni falls, we shall need an alternative political force to fill the gap,” said Muntu.

“We cannot wait for the regime to fall. We are spending a lot of time on planning for the aftermath of Museveni as we lend our efforts to activities that will bring it down,” he emphasized.

Asked what he would contribute to the development of FDC in its pursuit for power, Muntu charged: “We shall build on what we have already done. We have been in the building process for long so we want to consolidate what we have and then expand.”

Muntu said “everything would be done to ensure a reverse of direction of government to the right one.”

Dozens of Muntu’s supporters today joined the presidential hopeful at his colourful nomination. Muntu’s buoyant supporters cheered on the Ntungamo-born politician as he presented his particulars to electoral commission officials Dan Mugarura and Michael Kabaziguruka.


Moses Zirabamusaale, a delegate from Kyaddondo, said he would vote for Muntu because of two reasons.

One is that Muntu has been a significant player in the country’s politics for over a decade and had played a pivotal role in creating and consolidating the opposition’s structures.

The second explanation by Zirabamusaale is that Muntu was a former army commander who still wields respect among generals and would therefore “minimize the turbulence” that comes with Museveni’s fall.

Catherine Ddembe, an FDC leader, told this reporter that Muntu deserves to succeed Besigye “because he is a uniting factor – someone who had extraordinary leadership skills, is a good listener and is respected by everyone in the party.”

She added: “Actually, apart from Muntu, no one can fit in Besigye’s shoes as of now. He is a good mobiliser and inspires us. For example he has helped FDC win most by-elections because of his amazing leadership skills.”

Ddembe gave an example of the recently-concluded Kasese district woman MP by-election in which Muntu camped in Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga’s constituency to guard votes and secured a landslide victory for FDC’s Winfred Kizza.

“In that area, FDC won 90 out of 109 polling stations yet Kiyonga had deployed hundreds of troops to intimidate people. But Muntu passed a round, even on a boda boda and encouraged voters to cast fear and vote against NRM – which happened,” said Ddembe.

Ddembe further said Muntu has lost to Besigye twice in the FDC presidential race and accepted defeat which “set a good precedent” for the party.

Political observers say Muntu’s remarkable military credentials, striking facial appearance and his composed nature endears him to majority youthful voters in the country.

His unshakeable commitment to oust Museveni, the man he served as his army commander for nine years without any taint of corruption, is another factor that enables Muntu pull crowds.

The FDC Presidential race has kicked off with Muntu hosting his strategists at a dinner in Bugolobi. will give an exclusive live coverage of the FDC presidential election starting Monday.


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