Tycoon Murder: Police Ban Witchcraft In Mbarara


He assured them that the middle class in Uganda is growing and the firm will make the work of the subscribers much easier.

The President, who was this afternoon launching Airtel high speed internet at State House Entebbe, added that government decided to shift the communication services to the undersea cable system because it is much cheaper than satellite services.

According to the Managing Director of Airtel, Mr. V.G. Somasekhar, there are 4 million Airtel subscribers today in Uganda.

He said the new high speed internet that is affordable, will benefit all subscribers of the Company, especially the youth who will get connected to the worldwide.

Airtel currently has a little over 40 million customers in Africa across 16 markets following its acquisition of Zain Africa earlier this year.

The company is aiming at realizing a growth African customer base of 100 million by the end of this year by expanding its networks and services.

more about geneva; font-size: small;”>This stems from the fact that investigations show that witchdoctors masterminded the death of a Denis Murangira, what is ed a young business man in Mbarara municipality two weeks ago.

Abilu said police would soon launch an operation with the view of arresting those who will not adhere to this ban.

The police chief said witchdoctors on several occasions have raped, robbed and extorted money from their clients.

Murangira was murdered two weeks ago at Kakoma Village in Kakiika division in Mbarara municipality.

His battered body was dumped in his car, where it was discovered by shocked residents of Kakoma.

At the time of his death, he was reportedly engaged in a bid for a tender to manage the Mbarara Taxi Park.

Residents and police were therefore quick to arrest the rivals with whom he was contesting for the tender, suspecting that they had bumped him off so as to up their chances of securing the contract.

A number of suspects have been arrested to help police in the investigation which has revealed that there was a connection of foul play with witchdoctors.

Mbarara is one of the districts in western Uganda that hosts a number of witchdoctors. Some come from Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo.


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