Maj. Kazoora's Anti-M7 Book To Hit Kampala

see geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 15pt;”>Kazoora’s book is titled Betrayed By My Leader, website like this The Memoirs Of John Kazoora, a reference to Museveni whom he accuses of diverting from the core principles of the National Resistance Army (NRA) before entrenching a dictatorship.

In the book, Kazoora delves into the history of NRA, giving an in-depth insight into the guerilla group’s formation, principles and bloody struggles that ushered Museveni into power.

Kazoora also gives an extra ordinary account of how, out of greed for power, Museveni diverted from democratic principles that had taken him to the bush and established an intolerant government.

The former security advisor to Museveni also writes about his close relationship with Museveni, right from his youthful days to the 1990s when he chose to break ranks with the ruling government to join the opposition.

Kazoora paints a picture of a government built on lies, sectarianism, repression and unquenchable thirst for power.

The book was spiced by retired judge Prof. George William Kanyeihamba’s foreword.

Speaking to investigations desk, Kazoora said. “No stone is left unturned.”

“My book is not an academic treatise, it is not a political analysis of Uganda, it is about my life as far as I can remember-it’s accompanied by 50 photos including bush war photos never seen before,” he added.

Kazoora said no one would stop the circulation of the book that reveals all the NRA and Museveni’s secrets in the bush war and after capturing power. will soon start serializing Kazoora’s memoirs ahead of the book’s launch on August 13.


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