Congo Report: Is UN Planting Another Seed For Genocide In Rwanda?


ailment geneva; font-size: small;”>The UN Report, viagra order which Rwanda has proved was based on lies and fabrications, is now being perceived as a morale booster to the FDLR rebels hiding in Congo.

According to reliable information from independent-minded scholars in western countries, the media propaganda against the Kigali government is being funded by Hutu extremists who were flushed out of Rwanda by RPF in the 1990-94 war and sought refuge in Scandinavian countries.

Majority of these Hutus, who are hiding in foreign countries, looted the country’s coffers, resources before fleeing, which they are now using to fund FDLR rebels in Congo and a negative international media campaign.

And by employing the services of the western media to attribute the Congo woes to Rwanda, the Hutus buy time and divert attention as Kigali pressures the international community to arrest and charge them with genocide.

Sources further told our investigations desk that Rwanda started receiving actionable intelligence late last year that FDLR had received heavy military supplies and was forging alliances in Congo to attack Rwanda.

Rwanda, regional intelligence shows, shared this information with Uganda, United States, and Britain among other concerned parties.

However, the international community never took action, leaving Rwanda exposed to a possible military assault.

That’s how Rwanda President Paul Kagame ordered the 2nd Division commander to reinforce at the Rwanda-Congo border, as part of the preparation for war with FDLR – who still have dreams of toppling the Kigali government.

And Kagame did not stop at that. He also sought the support of Uganda to beef up security at the borders with Rwanda and Congo.

Kagame’s views were that a joint security force is formed to flush out the rebels from eastern Congo for regional security.

A source in Uganda security says there is cause to believe that the UN report was influenced y wealthy Hutus who intend to undermine Kagame’s government with the view of attracting international sympathy for more military logistics to FDLR to launch a fresh war on Rwanda.

“But I don’t know if they will manage Rwanda because it has one of the most formidable, highly-trained, well-equipped and disciplined force in the region. It could be the Israel of East Africa,” a Ugandan army officer who fought the RDF in Kisangani, told news desk.

“Laymen like you journalists do not understand these military things. What is going on is a carefully planned media operation to topple Kagame. By linking him to the woes in DRC, the Hutus are creating a cover to channel ammunition to FDLR in Congo and don’t be surprised to see attacks on Rwanda in the coming months. Kagame knows all this and is trying to stop it,” the source added.

“The UN is unknowingly sowing seeds of another genocide in Rwanda with such sensitive reports. The country had started healing but it appears the international community is not seeing this,” the military source noted.


The world came to a standstill month when UN Group of Experts, commonly known as GoE, released a report, linking Rwanda to the DRC conflict, basing on evidence which Rwanda says was derived from hearsay accounts sourced from officials in DRC military and intelligence services.

Rwanda claims physical evidence is scarce, and includes flimsy elements such as the photograph of an RDF uniform on a headless torso, and of bullets that the experts claim must have been supplied from Rwanda even though the ammunition in question was destroyed under a regional small arms agreement in 2009.

The striking part of the experts report relates to the presence in the armory of the M23 rebels of a particular 75mm canon that the experts claim was not in the possession of the FARDC and, therefore must have been sourced from Rwanda.

Amusingly, research by bloggers at NANOJV have uncovered a 2008 report that makes the entire experts’ report look ridiculous.

Specifically, the report outlines how a canon precisely fitting this description was stolen by then CNDP from the FARDC. In the final report of the Group of Experts on the DRC to the UN Security Council, dated 12 December 2008, on page six, they wrote under the subheading “Military Support and Recruitment:”

“The Group believes that CNDP captures most of its weapons and ammunition during offensives against FARDC. It seized large weapons stocks at Kikuku and Mushaki in December 2007 and during two subsequent attacks on Rumangabo in October 2008. In September 2008, CNDP looted the Katsiro weapon depot. To transport the arms, CNDP needed four trucks, each with the capacity to carry sixmetric tons. They obtained seven 82 mm mortars, four 60 mm mortars, one 75 mm recoilless rocket launcher, eight heavy machine guns, one 14 mm mortar, 22 rocket-propelled grenades, 130 AK-47 assault rifles, and ammunition for the mortars and rifles. On 8 October 2008 in Rumangabo, CNDP reportedly captured two multiple rocket launchers and various other heavy weapons. According to MONUC officers,during the fighting in Rutshuru town in early November 2008, CNDP captured up to12 FARDC trucks full of ammunition”

In a rebuttal to UN by Rwanda Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, the so-called evidence of a house pictured allegedly belonging to Congo warlord Gen. Bosco Ntaganda is demonstrably inaccurate.

“Investigations on the matter indicate that the house presented as image 15 in the addendum is owned by Mr. Innocent Ndagano, alias “Cent Kilos”. The certificate of registration of lease title No. UPI 3/03/04/05/217 is available in Annex J to this submission.”

As if this is not enough, the GoE claims Gen. Ntaganda is the partial owner of Hotel Bushokoro located at Kinigi, Musanze. But available evidence, submitted to the UN, shows the property is owned at 50 percent each by Mr Enock Munyajabo and his wife Mrs. Kesie Nyiramana, under the certificate of registration of emphiteutic lease title No. UPI 4/03/07/03/329 .

The UN also alleged Rwanda was training recruits for M23 at Kanombe barracks yet it is common (and verifiable) knowledge that Kanombe is a garrison-type barracks that comprises living quarters; a referral military hospital also open to civilians and a cemetery.

Mushikiwabo says it wouldn’t require any form of expertise to find out that this (Kanombe) barracks cannot host the training of recruits or any other force preparation activity.

“A simple tour of Kanombe barracks would have led the GoE to easily discard this allegation wherever they got it from,” she says.

If this is not sowing the seeds of genocide in Rwanda, what is it?


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