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Another Victim Pins Kayanja In 2nd You Tube Sodomy Video


there http://charadas.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/post-by-email.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Chimpreports.com on Monday exclusively reported that in the recorded video testimonies, sale John Mutumba and Robson Matovu, here two of the young men who had in 2011 come to Buganda Road and testified that Pastors Moses Solomon Male, Martin Sempa and other pastors conspired to tarnish Kayanja’s image by linking him to homosexuality practices, deny these statements.

The videos had been viewed 292 times as of Monday morning.

In the videos, each one says he gave false evidence against the anti-sodomy Pastors in court and apologizes to them and the people deceived.

Both say the pastors and co-accused are innocent in the Pr Robert Kayanja sodomy saga.

The videos have also been delivered to police in a case registered as KMP/CID/GEF 144/2012.

Male, Ssempa, Robert Kaira, Deborah Anita Kyomuhendo and David Mukalazi are accused under criminal case number 1063 of 2010 of conspiring to cause injury to the personality of Kayanja by alleging that he was engaged in sodomy practices.

The pastors want a review of the case in the light of this new evidence that is likely to incriminate Pastor Kayanja.

Below is Transcription of John Mutumba sodomy video testimony (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=robert+kayanja+sodomy+2012&oq=robert+kayanja+sodomy+2012&gs_l=youtube.12…1919.4605.0.5655.…0.0…1ac.tC8ec2Bb1hE).

Received 25th July 2012, retracting the lies he had told to cover up Pr Robert Kayanja

English translation

My names is John Mutumba. I was one of the witnesses in Pr Robert Kayanja’s sodomy case. I was one of those defending his side that he doesn’t indulge in sodomy.

Foremost I apologize to Mr. Wekesa and the then prosecutor in this case, Mr. Asaba. I apologize for giving you totally different information yet I know the truth. The truth is that foremost I apologize to Pr Kyazze, Pr Sempa, Pr Male, madam Kyomuhendo, Mukalazi and all those standing with those people in their search for the truth.

Kayanja used me

The truth is that that man used me. I am personally the evidence. That man has used me more than eight times. That man used me; he sodomized me. He sodomized me at church, in his lower and upper offices. He sodomized me from his house. He sodomized me during the Fort-Portal crusade.

I feel a lot of pain in my heart because it proved contrary to my expectations. He promised me to be well off; he promised to take care of me; but he has fulfilled none of his promises.

I personally misled; he sent me. If he denies that he has never sodomized me from his home, how did I come to know his home? He took me into his bedroom. There is a room where he sodomized me. He even sodomized me down on carpet. We never climbed the bed.

When he sodomized me; after sleeping with me, he forced me and told me, you are going to hurt yourself; you are going to be hurt. When I realized that he was using a lot of force, I decided to alternativelessly give in; you understand?

Then, I couldn’t; if he is denying; how did I get to know how his home looked like. When you enter his bedroom; his bedroom is upstairs.

You use the stairs. When you enter the bedroom, there is a room which has a gym machine which he uses for aerobics. Now in that room after sodomizing me, we first entered in there; there is a whole unit which is like wardrobe; there is a small door which you can’t see because it is like a bedroom; it is like wood, wood is on the wall.

He opened it and we passed through and I fell in the wardrobe; in that wardrobe I saw his wife’s clothes, and his; you understand? And their shoes were there; which means it is their wardrobe.


When we passed through it then I got out where I had entered from. Therefore, I am ready to speak the truth and I have all proof and all of you, if you want to use the law I can even show you the people who know the truth.

Many people know the truth but fear; they fear to be imprisoned, fear to be killed, fear to be arrested in all ways. And I am ready to do everything possible, whether I am imprisoned, or killed; because I cannot die with this pain. It is as though I sold my birthrights. They had turned me into a wife; turned me into a wife for long.

It is as though I sold my birthrights; I am like a woman; and whenever there would be overnights, sometimes they would call me and kiss me, and would sodomize my mouth, I was like a woman. And they would caress me all over. You understand?

So, am now fed up with that man’s actions and I request you to forgive me. Court, Police, all, all because I first gave you information when saying that Mukalazi told me that say like this and this.

True it was like that but I know the truth. The truth is that they have used me; I am not going to tell you that someone else was used; it is me, me personally; I am the real evidence.

Time: 04.03

The man used me. He has used me many times. There are times when I feel pain when going to the toilet. But okay.

Time: 04.39:

I was Mr. Kayanja’s witness. I was on his side showing court or the world that Pr Robert Kayanja does not sodomize. But foremost I am going to apologize to the magistrate because I looked into his eyes and told him that I was telling him the truth, this is not like this.

I apologize to Mr Wekesa who was the magistrate in this case and I believe he still is. I apologize that I gave him contrary information. I apologize to the prosecutor; in my belief I think the case is still going on.

And I hope the then prosecutor still is: Asaba; Mr. Asaba. I ask you to forgive me because I looked into your eyes when telling you that Mr. Mukalazi came to me saying that say like this and this that Pr Kayanja sodomized you.

The truth is this: I am not going to point at so and so that it is the evidence; I am the evidence. Pr Kayanja has used me more than eight times if I have not counted badly.

Pr Kayanja has sodomized me at church; sodomized me in his office and at church. He has sodomized me in his ground office; he has an office where he sits; he has a new office he is building upstairs; it is not his office for now; but it is his place.

He has a mattress in there.

He sodomized me twice in his office on the ground. He sodomized me in his home, in his home at Kawuku.

Mr. Kayanja called me one evening. Was he coming from abroad! I had spent some time without seeing him at church. He told me that I want you to come to Kawuku, do you know the place? And I told him that I don’t know.

He directed me that you take taxis to Kawuku if you board from Nsambya, tell them that you disembark at Kobil stage, at that Petrol station; whether Eagen! Definitely; it is Eagen, I remember very well.

He told me that disembark at Eagen, get a boda; all boda-bodas there know that this is Kayanja’s home.

When he directed me so I never knew what was going on; he would just tell me I want to see you. And I said e-e muzei, what is going on; because I call him muzei because I have grown up in that ministry.

And he has been my father all this long.

When I reached Kobil I said that I am going to muzei Kayanja’s. a boda man himself looked at me wondering because he had probably never taken there anyone but just knew that this was Kayanja’s home. He put me on boda and told me that I will charge you two thousand – I will drop you at Kayanja’s gate.

But even when I got there, I want, I want to tell you; foremost this message, apologies come to you Mr Kyazze, Mr Sempa, Mr Male, madam Kyomuhendo and Mr Mukalazi whom I falsely accused. When I reached the stage, when I reached the stage I took a boda; the boda man took me. He told me that I will charge you two thousand to Kayanja’s home.

Garry skinner

But when I reahed the stage, I mean when I reached Mr. Kayanja’s gate, which was neighboring Mr. Garry Skinner’s; it seems he is the owner of KPC, because he told me that you are going to Garry Skinner’s or Mr. Kayanja’s? And I told him Mr. Kayanja’s.

And I asked him that why have you asked me like that, and he said that Garry Skinner is the owner of KPC, and they are the prominent pastors we know in Uganda. That is the white man we know who owns KPC. And I told him I am going to Mr. Kayanja’s. and he told me that it is okay, the two are neighbors. And after Kayanja’s perimeter wall, next is Garry Skinner’s.

I reached Mr. Garry Skinner’s, I mean I reach Mr. Kayanja’s gate; the man told me this is the home. Give me two thousand. He charged me two thousand I remember, on boda-boda from Eagen, Kawuku to the stage of mister; to the gate of Mr. Kayanja. When the boda reached, I paid him; he looked closely at me and I asked him; what is it? And he said a-a-a. now I don’t know why he looked closely at me.

I knock at the gate and there emerges a security man; on his badge I saw Detailed Security Services. The man belonged to Details and he asked me that ‘Do you have an appointment with anyone here?’

I told him, I told him, yes – the pastor himself. And I told him that my name is John. Just go and ask Pr. Robert Kayanja. That is what I told him. He was a man, I wonder, he didn’t know Luganda. But when I went and told him so, he left. When I was still there, he returned and opened the gate.

When he opened, I entered. When I entered, he told me; you take that side. I had just taken the side he had referred me to when the man opened the door. He was dressed in a boxer with squares. It had checked.

Mr. Kayanja signaled me; e- John, there is something I want to tell you. But first come. And I entered and went into the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom, Mr Kayanja told me John; you know I love you so much.

My brothers, or fathers or parents Mr. Kyazze, and Mr. Sempa and Mr. Male, or madam Kyomuhendo, and whoever is standing with you in seeking the truth in this case in which we have been involved for long; Mr. Kayanja told me that John, I love you so much.

In 2009, I impregnated a girl. You know I have grown up at Miracle Centre and Mr. Kayanja has paid my fees from senior two at Kampala Secondary School. Mr. Kyazze or Sempa and Male, if you dispute this, go to Kampala Secondary School, the school I studied from all that time.

Mr. Kayanja has always given me school fees. And on my file, I he is there as my guardian. I registered him as my sponsor responsible for me.

When I register so you may ask; in 2009 I impregnated a girl called Grace. When I impregnated Grace, Mr. Kayanja told me that John – they wanted to imprison me. The Grace I am talking about is a Sudanese. Her family is Sudanese. They were going to imprison me.

I went and pleaded to Mr. Kayanja for they badly wanted to arrest me, saying they were going – they were looking for me to imprison me; they were going to kill me. Because I never knew their tribe; and that shock happened in my life. I sought, they sought for me everywhere. They sought me at Police. And I approached Mr. Kayanja because I had hid it from him for long. I told him that there is a girl called Grace Mewusi whom I have impregnated.

When I got there, Mr. Kayanja told me that how can you do such a thing without telling me? And I told him, forgive me. And I knelt before him and cried tears to him and told him that but Kayanja, muzei, probably he didn’t want to help me! But I told him muzei, I have for long kept your secret. I have been, I have been on your side for a long time.

Kayanja, you have sought to sleep with me and I have kept it on my heart, but I am prepared to sleep with you; or to give you as you ask me if you can carry me through this problem.


Kayanja told me, no problem. He called one Policeman and told him that sir, it is like this and this.

One Sunday the Sudanese came, they had come to his church. When he came he told them, I don’t know what he told them. But I was still there when the Sudanese came. Immediately they came they asked me; are you Mutumba John?

And I told them yes. When I told them that okay; when they realized that I was the Mutumba John, they sought to pull me.

When they sought to pull me, I fled toward Kayanja’s office. There is a man called Rajab, a guard, one of those protecting Pr. Kayanja.

And he told me what is this going on? And I told him that open for me, I don’t know what these men want. I pretended to be ignorant of what they wanted because I never wanted to show my problems to everyone.

The policeman opened because he knew me as a church member. These protect Pr. Kayanja. He opened for me and I entered. When I entered, the Sudanese remained protesting, pushing the door.

There is a man called Gilbert Bwana; he arrested a man I remember as; you Mr. Kyazze; because this message is for you. If he is the one who arrested; Gilbert Bwana, whom I remember arrested Mr Kiiza Besigye. As he arrested him, he blocked him.

I won’t say much because I don’t know about it; but as he, as he arrested him, he told him; I won’t say what he told him because I won’t indulge into that. I stick to my issue because I am apologizing to you. Because it is you who want the truth and I have the truth for you.

Mr. Gilbert Bwana chased the Sudanese, telling him, ‘This is not Sudan.’ I was in the window hearing. I will put you down.

He pointed a pistol at him. I watched all. The Sudanese was chased around the church and fled. Do you understand? When he went around the church, he fled. Mr Kyazze, Mr. who? Mr. Gilbert said that I will shoot you. I will shoot you down. This is not Sudan. The man feared.

Therefore, therefore muzei Kayanja called me to his office and told me that but Mutumba, how could you hide this thing from me? And I told him you pastor Kayanja; because I am now talking to you Mr. Kyazze. There is nothing I want from pastor Kayanja. There is nothing I want from him.

I falsely accused Mukalazi, saying that Mukalazi told me to say whatever he had told me to say in court and at the Police. True it was like that; but the truth is that I know the truth. Mr. Kayanja indulges in sodomy.

Kayanja has used me more than 8 times or eight or nine or ten. Kayanja has sodomized me at his church, Kayanja has sodomized me in his office; in his office and his church. Kayanja has sodomized me in his home.

Ntwatwa personally told me that at your place; you Mr. Kyazze that ….. Now when he sent me to Brian Ntwatwa, I went to prison and convinced Brian, and told him that Brian, they are going to give you money like this and this, but say this; and the truth we …………..

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