EXCLUSIVE: Kayanja Sodomy Evidence Videos Leaked To You Tube

recipe geneva; font-size: small;”>In the recorded video testimonies, about it John Mutumba and Robson Matovu, sildenafil two of the young men who had in 2011 come to Buganda Road and testified that Pastors Moses Solomon Male, Martin Sempa and other pastors conspired to tarnish Kayanja’s image by linking him to homosexuality practices, deny these statements.

The videos had been viewed 292 times as of Monday morning.

In the videos, each one says he gave false evidence against the anti-sodomy Pastors in court and apologizes to them and the people deceived.

Both say the pastors and co-accused are innocent in the Pr Robert Kayanja sodomy saga.

The videos have also been delivered to police in a case registered as KMP/CID/GEF 144/2012.

Male, Ssempa, Robert Kaira, Deborah Anita Kyomuhendo and David Mukalazi are accused under criminal case number 1063 of 2010 of conspiring to cause injury to the personality of Kayanja by alleging that he was engaged in sodomy practices.

The pastors want a review of the case in the light of this new evidence that is likely to incriminate Pastor Kayanja.

Below is the transcription of Robson Matovu sodomy, video testimony on You Tube which can be accessed on this link (

English translation

Time: 00.00.00

My name is Matovu Robson- who has been in Kayanja’s sodomy case.

Let me first apologize to these people please: mummy Kagina, I apologize to you.

We came intending to give evidence but turned round and did things which were not real, and managed to change the truth. Are you hearing? But this is now the truth that I bring. Mammy Kagina, very sorry.

First lady, mother of this nation; please; I misled the country. I misled it and that is the truth. Mammy Janet; I misled the country but am very sorry. Now I bring the truth. I bring the truth.

Kyomuhendo, you are so kind hearted. I have never seen a woman like you; who cares for people like you.

But am very sorry; am very, very sorry. I know you will see this video, you will; it will; I hope you will take long to forgive me and put me on your heart. But am very sorry. I am very sorry.

Mr. Kayihura; I looked into your eyes. I looked into your eyes when I was telling lies; when the people we were accusing of telling, telling lies were actually the ones telling the truth.

Honorable; Honorable; our man the man, please forgive me. Honorable Lukyamuzi; you approached me and asked me about these things; I also told you the truth.

Honorable Bahati; Bahati forgive me. You told me how you wanted to help me, that I tell you the truth in this matter. Bahati, I lied you and cleaned muzei Kayanja’s name; and I beautified it in everything. But now please this is the truth.

Mummy Akullo, am now saying the truth and you must also be knowing the truth because he has been bribing, most of you people there.

He has been doing it. And I know that for others he has built houses, for others he has bought cars and for others he has done what?

Pastor Kyazze, I beg you; I beg you; on your heart find a place to forgive me.

Male, Sempa; please on your heart get where to do what? Where you can forgive me.

Kyazze, I am now telling you the truth; I hope you very well remember Jacob; I planted Jacob into your place.

Rupeko – Rupeko with whom they had accused you that you came to steal the church’s secrets; I planted Rupeko in your place. Do you hear? We had a mission.

I came to you as a spy; a person who has come to spy on you. Till when I entered the court, I was pleading for who? Pleading for Kayanja. Do you hear? But in all, forgive me

Mr. Kyazze, I am responsible for this case turning against you like this. Because Ntwatwa, Ivan Akansiima and the man you really trusted; Kakembo; because Kakembo was the first to withdraw from these matters. Do you hear?

I used to tell Kakembo terrifying words; do you hear? Till Kakembo did what? Left. But what Kakembo was telling you was the truth. That is why you see you tried to call Kakembo again but he would not want to do what!Kakembo had already been bribed. They had given him money; he had done what!

Please forgive me. I do this thing again, on this earth there is no one who doesn’t want money.

I did it because of money. And the money that I wanted was a lot. We had agreed. I never agreed with him that he would give such an amount; but he promised me that I would never suffer again or see misery.

Please, the reason I have done these, he is not the man who can stand by his word; because please, what kind of dad am I! They see me; do you hear! I am with a powerful man of God; you hear? I am with a powerful man.

Everyone knows that he has money. I am very close to him like this. And I am the one who has helped him to do this and that. Most think that I have money. Yet there is no money that I have.

Imagine my child falls ill and gets hospitalized; its mother gets her laptop which I never bought for her and mortgages it to get money so that it is released from hospitalization!

Terrible pain

I say all this but my dears, on my heart are spears piercing me like this. Because he has now finished; he sees the case is about to end; you hear? And as it is, it is like he has already won it. But let me see! Am ready to say everything. The cars you have heard being talked about; I know each and everything. I know each and everything.

Don’t you see Pr Kyazze that I have changed this thing? Ya. I have changed it but there is a man called lawyer Lubogo; he has changed thing most because lawyer Lubogo has been the one driving it; hitting this side and that side and it bounces on you.


He would go and see this prosecutor called Asaba; you hear? They would come to church, sit and discuss. You hear? And he would give them bribes.

Asaba actually ate a bribe. Asaba ate it. He has eaten not once or twice. I have pictures for some of them when leaving the church. The people in this case.

And what I state last, I have a CD containing what we used to discuss with him because when commencing these things, the children who knew him used to tell me that you see that man, he changes so much. He can show you that he is with you now; you hear?

And you are his best. But then comes a time when he turns against you once; you will not like it.

And my dears; I have witnessed it. He has done it. But he has left me with no other option but to commit myself. Am very ready, and am ready to enter prison.

My dears, I looked into Kayihura’s eyes like this; pastor Kyazze you also remember; pastor Sempa you were there, and Male and all your lawyers. I looked into that guy’s eyes like this and told lies. I spoke good about him as much as I could; you hear? All that I tried to do, I have done, doing it from the bottom of my heart, and I committed myself; I committed myself just because of him. But me of all people; he has thrown us away!


You till well remember Mukisa when calling us; Matovu come out; we will give you money. My dears, I am the one who got Mukisa – Mukisa, and I did what! I blocked him from coming to you.

And I told Mukisa that they were going to do everything for him. Now, Mukisa sees me like a very foolish person; he views me very badly. That child recently fell sick and we made calls to the church; you hear? They no longer want to bother about our calls.

When they sent us money, they sent one hundred thousand; that is what they give to feed us each and every week.

But when someone has called you, one who has helped someone to get where he has got; You hear?

The case is now in the finders but the person who has helped you; who has done everything; who had done all possible to ensure that this thing has come; that is how you have left him!

My dears, I never disturbed him at all because the moment I did; you hear? When he told me that it is now going to court, and everything; to go to CID; and at CID I came and told lies before journalists. And you all journalists, all TVs; you will get copy of this video.


But Pastor Kyazze, whenever this video gets to you; whoever brings it to you; you hear! Believe in me. I have no other option. Let me cleanse your name father and I enter inside. Am ready. And am very ready. Am very, very ready.

This very person will return and give you my number on which you will do what? You will call me.

There is none I can trust anymore be it Jacob or who, because even Jacob is still there. You hear? He spends his day there. He can be given money to betray me. You hear? Now there is none I can trust.

Whoever brings you this will be the one to bring you the number on which to call me so that we talk. My dears am ready to go to court at the time of judgment; the moment they give judgment, I want to be there and give everything.

My dears, Ntwatwa was even imprisoned. Ivan Akansiime had declined; they had all refused to give evidence while, they wanted their money. This person misleads you that I am going to give you; but he dealt with them at least.

Ivanis driving himself. Ntwatwa, when you see what he has done; you hear! But me Matovu, I cannot even get money to cater for my children! My wives abuse me as each wants. Because there is nothing worthy that I am doing to support them. Today you send to them, spend a number of days or months.

My dears, whenever I have been getting the fifty thousand they have been giving me,; you hear! I have to deduct fifteen thousand and send to Miriam. Fifteen thousand, you hear? To go to my wife Rachael.

Then I remain with twenty thousand; that is what I have to use for the whole week! You hear? But considering everything I have done, considering everything I have done; would I be the one to sometimes call lawyer Lubogo? Lubogo should forgive me because he has been a very good friend of mine but my dears, the person we have all been standing to save has compelled me to do this.

If Lubogo hates me, or whoever hate me; its okay. Because he has given me no other option.


Sekabanja, even you father you will get this video but I beg you; and whoever I send to you is the one who will bring you the phone number on which you will call me.

The moment the court does like this; ppa; am there. And I know that after court I go to Luzira. I know it.

Am ready and am very ready. As I used to tell him; am ready to go and do everything to help you; you hear?

And I told him muzei, even if it means me being imprisoned, am ready to be imprisoned so that your name is cleaned; now this material time I speak with courage greater than what I used to help him.

Am more than ready; am more than ready to come to court, tell the truth and go to Luzira.

This time I am even leaving the house which the Police gave us, but the person whom I send to you will be the one.

Thank you very much my dears. May God protect you.

Time: 00.14.48

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