Rugby Sevens Postponed


information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>This came after sponsors ECO Bank fell short of making good on their sponsorship in time.

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Now the games are switched to next weekend and will start at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, according to information from Lugogo Rugby officials.

The teams expected to take part in this year’s tournament are MTN Heathens, Utl Kobs, Toyota Buffalos, Rhinos, Entebbe Mongers, Pirates, Nile, Makerere Impis summer camps among others .

An official at the Union told Chimp Sport everything was set for the grand opening but it was the sponsors who didn’t hand in their package in time thus leading to the postponement.

The Sevens were supposed to take place after Uganda Cup but this time they were brought forward to allow the players gain fitness and also prepare for the Safari Sevens set for September in Nairobi

The champions Heathens are ready with their experienced players who helped them win last year. They include Romano Ogwal, Alex Mubiru , Evans kingasia, Faisal Gama Michel Wochorach Jude Kerimundu and Benson Kizza.

The Kobs will also assemble an experienced side with tough players who include Kevin Macmot, Justin Komono, Edmond Tumusime, Steven ogwete, Ambrose Kamanyire.


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