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Talia, Kyle Fight Over Jannette’s Sexual Relations

here geneva; font-size: small;”>The explosions killed the two bombers and wounded a Somali soldier, viagra sale but no one else was wounded or killed, said Abdi Yassin, a police officer.

Interior Minister Abdisamad Mohamud said the two bombers had fake identity cards but refused to be screened by security forces, raising the suspicion of authorities.

“They sent two bombers to the assembly venue, but our heroic forces have foiled their plans and shot the two bombers,” Mohamud said.

Somali leaders – 825 of them – began a nine-day meeting on July 25 to examine, debate and vote on the constitution, a document that’s been years in the making. A vote by the group, known as the National Constituent Assembly, is a key step in a flurry of political activity in Somalia over the next month.

The U.N. mandate for Somalia’s current government expires on Aug. 20, and Somali leaders are to vote on the constitution, vote in a new 275-member parliament, then vote on a president all before then. If the assembly votes down the constitution, the new parliament will have to debate it and then vote on it.

Security has improved markedly in Mogadishu over the last year, leading to a general revival of the seaside capital. But al-Shabab militants still infiltrate the city and carry out suicide attacks, particularly at high-profile events. African Union and Somali forces pushed al-Shabab fighters out of Mogadishu on Aug. 6, 2011.

The country’s current constitution is the Transitional Federal Charter, which was written in 2004. Meant only as a temporary charter, it contains fewer rights than are spelled out in the new draft constitution.

The draft constitution makes it clear that Islamic law is the basis for Somalia’s legal foundation. No religion other than Islam can be propagated in the country and all laws must be compliant with Shariah – Islamic – law. But the draft has more progressive aspects as well: In its original draft the constitution protects the right to an abortion to save the life of the mother. It also would ban the circumcision of girls, a practice opponents call female genital mutilation.

Somalia has not had a powerful central government since 1991, when the president was killed and the country collapsed into chaos. The international community is working to create a government respected by the people that can provide goods and services in and outside the capital.

order geneva; font-size: small;”>Kyle doubted Talia’s loyalty to Jannette after she insisted that Jannette should have owned up to giving Wati a hand job.

sick geneva;”>Talia’s argument was that whatever happened between Wati and Jannette was sexual whether it was a hand job or not.

“I’m trying to see logic here. If I grab your d*** and kiss you then it’s sexual,” Talia insisted.

However, Kyle stood by her StarGame partner and defended that she did not give Wati a hand job. “You can be playing with my d*** but it doesn’t mean it’s a hand job.”

Kyle accused Talia of being stereotype and bias towards Wati.

“Talia will do anything to defend Wati. She’s drunk and going on and on,” Kyle concluded.

Can 2 Seconds Be a Hand Job?

Kyle wants to know how Jannette touching Wati’s privates for two seconds qualifies as a hand job.

As they were having fun in the Jacuzzi, Kyle decided to interrogate Wati about what really happened between him and Jannette.

Jannette had maintained that she did not give Wati a hand job but he (Wati) told Kyle a different story.

“She started kissing me and I responded then she touched my d*ck. I don’t know if it was a mistake or on purpose,” Wati explained.

However, Kyle was interested on the time frame which he felt would justify if it really was a hand job or just a touch.

At that point Talia was adamant that Jannette would not have touched Wati’s privates by mistake; “it’s never a mistake,” she said matter-of-factly.

However, Kyle wasn’t impressed with Wati’s accusation, which he deemed false.

Jannette was evicted from the house on Sunday.

Keagan And Talia In Bed!

Keagan attempted to keep Talia warm in bed last night.

After spending the whole week whispering and being generally evasive, Talia found herself in bed with Keagan.

The Zambian beauty was still recovering after a ferocious fight with Kyle. Kyle was offended after Talia implied that Jannette had actually given Wati a hand job.

As Talia prepared to call it a night, Keagan jumped in her bed, telling her he wanted to discuss a couple of things with her. The South African then attempted to get frisky with Talia, who did not seem too keen.

It seems Keagan has stepped up his efforts to pin down Miss Talia. Will he get a shot before Sunday!

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