Police Raid Ministry Of Health Again


for sale geneva; font-size: small;”>Bosco Agaba, ambulance the Malaria Control Programme Officer was picked by detectives and thrown behind bars at Wandegeya Police Station as part of a wider investigation into the massive theft of GAVI donations to the ministry.

Deputy Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed the incident: “Yes, Agaba is in our custody. He has been interrogated by our detectives at Kibuli.”

Earlier, police had picked two other officers Mary Byangire and Connie Balayo after an internal audit pinned them on massive swindling of funds earmarked for combating malaria, TB and HI/AIDS in the country.

The pair reportedly took home millions of shillings in inflated fuel and allowances instead of crucial services such as medical supplies.

For example Byangire spent a staggering Shs8.6 million on fuel alone to supervise Wakiso district. That aside, there has not provided even a single document to show the expenditure.

As if this is not enough, Balayo got advances totaling to 260 million shillings as facilitation for technical support of NGOs between the months of December, 2010 and January, 2011, but is yet to account for this huge sum of money.

“We are considering charging them with embezzlement of funds and causing financial loss,” said Kayima.

Sources in police said the force had a long list of thieving officials at the Ministry and would be picked one by one.

This is a stepped up effort in getting rid of corrupt officials in the public sector by police.

Uganda loses billions of shillings every year to corruption.


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