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Katosi Road Fund Thieves Must Refund the Money – Museveni

President Museveni

FUFA President Moses Magogo has decried what he termed as ping pong games that were played to the Cranes team prior to their loss against West African side Guinea a few days ago in the 2015 AFCON qualifiers.
Magogo said a lot was done by both the Guinean Football Federation and authorities in Morocco to deny chance to the Cranes to qualify for the 2015 finals in Equatorial Guinea.
“There was total defiance of the regulations by the hosts and in fact there has never been any humiliation in my life like the one in Morocco. The FUFA CEO Edgar Watson had to wait for 8 hours before being
allowed into the country.”
He added, pills ” We had to pay for our own transport and training facilities It was a ping pong game and the Cranes was  going to win or lose the game by the mental composition of the players.”
The FUFA President however noted that though Uganda didn’t qualify for the finals in Equatorial Guinea, click the country achieved something from the campaign worth mentioning.
“It was a learning experience as  new young players  surfaced on the national team including Savio Kabugo, Brian Majwega,Kizito Luwagga,Farouk Miya and Yunus Ssentamu who in the future will be
useful to us,”Magogo stressed.
Way Forward
Magogo however explained that a lot has to be done if Uganda is to qualify for the next AFCON  campaign and this he said ranges from administration, local clubs , football facilities to coaches and the
fans among other factors.
“The Cranes tried to defy logic and punch above weight throughout the campaign and therefore performance shouldn’t  be judged  by qualification .We must take the long route that includes endurance and proper planning in order to qualify or else the journey is still far away.”
“Qualification will be farfetched in Uganda until we get the quality of players that will lead us there. Why do we believe we can qualify when concrete has replaced grass everywhere and we have nowhere to
play football from? The desire we have to qualify won’t make us do so,” Magogo noted.
The FUFA President further explained that the structures of clubs in Uganda have not done enough to facilitate the development of players in the country which he said directly affects the quality of players on
the national team .
According to Magogo, unless there are better coaches right from club level with good quality and are able to nurture players, the quality of the national team will still be down  and could take long for Uganda to qualify for  any big tournament.
“We must address all the required issues if we are to succeed but should not point fingers at any individual. We should set simple, achievable, measurable, time-bound and realistic  goals .”
Match fixing allegations.
On allegations of fixing the Guniea game, the FUFA President explained that a lot has been said about the game being fixed but explained that investigations have kicked off into the matter to bring culprits to
“At the end of the day, let innocence be declared and let the law or football regulations take its course , be it the President ,players or even the coach.”

President Yoweri Museveni has vowed that those involved in stealing the money that was meant for the construction of the 74 km long Mukono – Katosi Road in Mukono district, doctor will have to return it.

He launched the construction works of the road that had been billed at Shs.165 billion in July this year.

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“Uganda has Shs.1.9 trillion for road fund. The money that was used to kick start the Mukono – Katosi road construction was out of this money and those who stole that money will have to bring it back, thumb ” he vowed.

A Chinese company – CICO – was sub contracted by a phony company, malady Eutaw, which was the principle contractor to tarmac the Mukono – Katosi road.

Uganda National Road Authority had paid Shs. 24 billion in advance to a dubious road construction firm that has since vanished in thin air.

The President also disclosed that the Government of Uganda will purchase over 1,000 road equipment from Japan.

The equipment, according to the President will be given to all districts in the country in order to enhance efforts geared towards road maintenance in districts.

He called on district leaders throughout the country to use the equipment to maintain roads that are currently under the docket of the Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) in the districts and those that are under the districts.

The President was yesterday addressing a meeting of different categories of leaders from all the districts comprising South Western and Western Regions of Uganda at State House Entebbe.

The meeting was also attended by the 2ND Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Service Mr. Henry Muganwa Kajura and Ministers.

The President also told the meeting that in the next financial year, government was to increase salaries for councilors, Cultural leaders and Tertiary Institution lectures.

Mr. Museveni told the meeting that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) stands for socio-economic transformation of the country to ensure that all Ugandans eliminate household poverty.

He observed that many families in rural Uganda were still stuck in none monetary, traditional mode of production where there is no surplus for selling in markets to earn some money.

He said education, commercial production and infrastructure development are some of the key factors of socio-economic transformation.

He also stressed the crucial role played by internal, regional and international markets in contributing to the welfare of the people of Uganda individually and the country as a whole.

The President warned Ugandans against sectarianism and encouraged them to cultivate and nurture nationalism and patriotism.

Regarding the importance of national security and stability, President Museveni said that the defeat of Joseph Kony’s LRA and the recovery of 40,000 guns from Karimojong cattle rustlers through the disarmament process in the Karamoja Sub-region, were some of the great achievements by the NRM government in the restoration of peace in Uganda.


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