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Bomb Explosions Could Soon Rock Kampala – Police

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Anti-Terrorism Unit commander Abbas Byakagaba says blood-thirsty Al Shabaab terror kingpins intend to bomb Uganda again. He called for public vigilance to avoid a catastrophe.

“Kampala is being targeted by terrorists for destruction. The Al Shabaab threatened to attack Kenya and have now killed dozens in bomb explosions, side effects ” Byakagaba told Chimpreports.com.

On July 11 2010, over 75 lives were lost in two Kampala bomb explosions that reduced Kyaddondo Rugby Grounds and Ethiopian Village restaurant to rubble. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility.

There have been reports of Al Shabaab gaining ground in Somalia. Last week, we exclusively reported that security especially in Kampala had been tightened to alarming levels to avert a possible terror attack.

Sources in security say they received information last Saturday that a group of Somali terrorists had sneaked into Uganda via Entebbe Airport. Their hunt is still on.

The unidentified terrorists are said to be on a mission of coordinating a massive terror strike to drum up support for the withdrawal of AMISOM troops from Somalia.

Western intelligence indicated that the terrorists could be looking at causing massive destruction of a social place in Kampala. Sources say today morning intelligence sealed off top shopping malls in the city.

All government bodies have been informed to beef up security and vigilance at the entry points of their promises.

Particulars of visitors without appointments must be scrutinized, a security official at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala revealed to our undercover.

Unlike in the past when terrorists planted bombs in social places, they have of recent exhibited a change of tactics.

“Being in a private car, office or playground does not guarantee your safety. The terrorists now hurl bombs at their targets. We are also fearing a shoot-out at a social place,” said a source.

Terrorists have so far orchestrated three deadly attacks in Kenya. For three weeks now, the Kenya-Uganda border is being manned by heavily armed anti-terrorism commandoes.

Intelligence gathering has been beefed up with neighboring countries especially Kenya.

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