PICTURES: Does Barigye Have Stamina To Revive Ankole Glory?

We have established that Barigye, there who ascended to the throne a fortnight ago, following the death of his father John Patrick Barigye, is ‘absolutely disinterested in the whole royal affair.’

In his early 20s and a student of SWASA at Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Barigye is well known for his love for parties.

Unlike his father, who espoused vibrancy and approached national issues with a touch of skill and royalty, Barigye belongs to the ‘face book/twitter world’. A quick peek on his face book page, Barigye’s relationship status reads: “Complicated!”

He adds: “If love was a crime then i am going to jail for committing it with you.” He is commonly known as ‘Blanc’er’ among his peers.

His close friends we talked to say he settles for a bottle of Guinness and regularly frequents nightspots especially Rouge along Jinja Road.

He attended Taibah College School, then Taibah High School before joining UCU for Campus studies.

Barigye is not the first royal family member to disregard the traditional life associated with kingship. Toro Princess Komuntale is well known among partiers in United States as a dance maestro. She hangs out with the likes of Fabulous, an American RnB star.

A few years back, Komuntale’s mum Best Kemigisa made a surprise visit to her daughter’s plush residence in United States (thanks to Col. Gaddafi’s kindness) where she has of recent been studying public relations. The Queen Mother was shocked upon being told by a princess’ pal that Komuntale had flown to Spanish beaches with a top Kampala city lawyer.

“To do what?” asked Kemigisa. “To have fun, Lol!” Komuntale’s friend boldly told a surprised Kemigisa.

Princess Elizabeth Bagaya of Toro was once an actor, model and singer during Idi Amin’s regime. There was a time when Princess Margaret of UK invited her to model in a charity fashion show. The Princess was a smash hit, and soon became a highly successful fashion model, being featured in many magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar.

Ankole kingdom officials are worried that instead of vigorously pursuing the ‘Ankole Kingdom Dream,’ Barigye could choose to live a life of a super star. Barigye and his brother Alex Kahaya are big fans of Uganda’s hip hop star ‘Atlas’ and Nigeria’s D Banj.

“We are hugely sceptical that he could toe the ‘super star line’ than urge for the recognition of Ankole kingdom. He is obsessed with music, action movies and soccer,” said a concerned kingdom official.

The source however said Kingdom elders asked kingdom Premier William Katatumba and Gen. David Tinyefuza to ‘help in grooming Barigye.’ It’s not yet clear what impact Katatumba and Tinyefuza will have on Barigye’s behaviour but the pair is renowned for radically agitating for the return of ‘Obugabe.’

In our exclusive pictures, Barigye is seen enjoying company of his ‘gangsters’ and at times gesturing like American music stars.


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