Opposition To Get Shs1bn To Oust M7


tadalafil "sans-serif"; font-size: small; mso-bidi-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’;”>A source says Museveni, through his friends in Europe, was alerted that international leaders intended to humiliate him for delaying to ‘kill’ the Anti-homosexuality Bill 2009.

Legislators last week somersaulted the Bill, which proposes a death penalty for convicts of aggravated homosexuality, to Parliament.

Once put to vote, the Bill is hugely expected to be passed into law, given the conservative nature of our legislators.

We are told the most-feared verbal missile attack was hugely expected from Britain.

“Museveni was told he would face fire for playing politics with human rights as he continues receiving donor funds for development,” a source added.

The President was also enlightened he would be told off for openly supporting Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi and abusing human rights through illegal detentions of Col. Kizza Besigye and other political opponents.

It was then that Museveni, at the last minute dispatched his Deputy Edward Ssekandi to withstand an anticipated storm in Australia.

US leader last year described David Bahati’s Bill as ‘odious’.

drug geneva; font-size: small;”>Attended by Norbert Mao (DP), rx Kizza Besigye (FDC) Basalilwa (Jeema), visit this Olara Otunnu among others, the meeting was aimed at analysing opposition weaknesses with the view of coordinating efforts in causing regime change.

It was held at Col. Besigye’s home in Kasangati, Wakiso district.

During the meeting, a source says, the leaders decided to form a platform of Secretary Generals of political parties to coordinate with the outside world to place the last nail in the coffin of Museveni’s presidency.

The leaders also resolved to have a united front in fighting Museveni than working in isolation.

Besigye argued that lack of cohesion in the opposition was giving Museveni “fresh air to extend his dictatorship.”

We are told opposition leaders are under immense pressure to join hands before recieving a Shs1bn grant from European Countries’ embassies in Kampala to push Museveni out of power.

This was the second meeting in one week. The first was held last Friday at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala but Besigye did not attend. He was still under house arrest.

A source says opposition two weeks ago cried to the western donors that Museveni had instilled fear in the public and it was absolutely difficult to raise funds to sustain their democratic activities.

The donors, especially Deepening Democracy Programme (DDP), advised the leaders to ignore their differences and work together if they were to obtain financial assistance.

The Walk-to-work activity that kicked off on October 17 has failed to catch fire due to lack of harmony and good will among opposition top shots.

The meeting also resolved to keep more pressure on Museveni to step down.

However, Norbert Mao expressed fear that a Parliamentary adhoc committee set up to probe ministers in the oil saga would not live up to the public’s expectations.


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