Inside The Collapse Of Walk To Work II

viagra geneva; color: black; font-size: small; mso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt; mso-fareast-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’; mso-bidi-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’; mso-fareast-language: EN-GB;”>According to FDC President’s Special Envoy Anne Mugisha, prescription several top activists have been arrested and charged with serious offences ranging from inciting violence to treason. They are Sam Mugumya, page Francis Mwijukye, all Col. Kizza Besigye’s aides, and Ingrid Turinawe.

Unlike in the past when police restricted the arrests of opposition activists to Central and Eastern Uganda, a sweep of the entire country sent thrilling waves down the spines of walk-to-organisers.

“Our activists are hugely scared of treason charges given that they carry a death a sentence,” said a senior FDC member.

The manner in which the arrests were carried out also demonstrated how State is determining in crushing any form of uprising.

On the night of Sunday October 16, intelligence organs were directed to arrest all opposition leaders in their areas countrywide.

In that sweep, over 100 were picked as they planned to hold countrywide protests.

The move caught opposition unawares because much as they had a ‘countrywide protests plan,’ they lacked a ‘countrywide rescue strategy.’ They did not have a plan of rescuing colleagues from police on bond. Neither did opposition have resources to secure bail for them.

For example Mugisha says: “Besides the W2W suspects held at Luzira only one other group of suspects is still under detention and that is the suspects in Hoima Town. They have failed to raise the Shs500, 000 cash bail per suspect (Shs2m) in order to be released.”

As if this is not scaring enough, she adds: “In Busia, the suspects were released on Shs2m per suspect (Shs8m). They will appear in court on November 4th on charges of inciting violence. They have requested for probono legal services. Important – Note that Shs8m cash bail was raised from money lenders and is accruing interest every day at a very high rate. We ask anyone who can help with donating to a bail fund to let us know so we can pay off this debt.”

IGP Maj. Gen. Kayihura believes opposition are mobilising the country for an uprising against government.

According to sources, the riots were supposed to break out from Kisseka market in Kampala. The rest of the country would then join in.

I have incontrovertible evidence that some rioters were ferried from Eastern Uganda especially Namutumba district in three mini-buses and poured in different parts of Kampala.

They were supposed to burn tyres and cause destruction of property.

The thugs had a central command with a top opposition official coordinating their works. They were to get a signal from this official to commence riots by setting bonfires in the middle of the roads and pelting stones at police.

But they were shocked when they learnt that the opposition commander had been arrested! That marked the beginning of their disorganisation with some failing even to get fare to return home.


They had planned to get media attention given the Occupy protests that had swept the world.

But they lacked coordination and resources to do so. For example there are reports FDC accounts in all banks are in red since they rely on Besigye to mobilise funds.

Even the donors that used to give Besigye money to cause regime change are now sceptical he is a spent force.

Yet, to mobilise adequate political activity to shake Museveni regime, one needs not less than Shs2bn per day. Opposition does not have even a tenth of this considering how they fail to raise cash to bail out those arrested in walk to work demonstrations.

During the Kayunga riots in September 2009, security found out that over Sh3bn had passed through Centenary Bank to ‘oil’ the four-day violence. This explains why the chaos could be sustained for more than a day. Police alone spends shs1bn daily in countrywide operations during riots.

Needless to say, lack of money to rescue ‘walkers’ dampens morale and the activity loses public confidence.


Besides, we are told during a meeting at Ridar Hotel on October 17, Besigye disagreed with other political leaders on strategy of walk to work. While some said the O’ Level examination period would make the activity very unpopular, Besigye insisted that when Museveni was in the bush, he never considered exams. They abandoned the Colonel to walk alone. And indeed, he is walking alone!

Matthias Mpuuga who announced the return of walk to work was conspicuously absent in his activity! Erias Lukwago was fighting his battles with KCCA boss Jennifer Musisis while other outstanding legislators such as Nandala Mafabi, Alice Alaso, Beatrice Anywar and Abdu Katuntu were busy roasting oil gate scandal ministers in Parliament.

With opposition efforts scattered amidst heavy crackdown by heavily armed security personnel, the walk to work II was bound to die a natural death.


According to Ministry of Tourism officials, Uganda has lost at least Shs20bn due to absence of tourists since February.

It’s estimated every Tourist to a country contributes at least USD1500 dollars. In fact a couple of weeks ago, a group of activists from United States postponed their visit to my office upon learning that there was walk-to-work violence in Kampala.

Therefore by denying the country foreign reserves, FDC intends to cripple the economy so the country can be ungovernable. With a troubled economy characterised by high inflation rates, increased cost of living, skyrocketing food prices and high unemployment rates, opposition are sure, they can bring Museveni to his knees.

However, opposition, which seems irreparably split (Civil Society has laboured to unite them in vain), is not likely to achieve this dream.

Apart from sympathetic media attention, opposition, as we talk, is currently incapable by all means to cause regime change.

Nevertheless, Mugisha says Besigye will today walk from his farm in Kasangati to the area court to hear his application challenging the legality of placing him under house arrest.


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