EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: I am Soon Wedding- Zari


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CR: Who Is Zarinah Tlale?

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ZT: Zari is a mother, artiste, wife and entrepreneur. I was born in Jinja. I attended Mainstreet Primary School then Jinja Girls Secondary School before I travelled to United Kingdom for Cosmetology School. I later moved to South Africa where I pursued a Human Resource Management course. I do come from a big family with five sisters and two brothers, although, sadly, one passed away.

CR: Who inspires you in life and why?

ZT: Strong women who are out there doing it for themselves, especially Oprah Winfrey, inspires me. Her life is such an inspiration and motivation to me.

CR: Is it true Bad Black and you are beefing? He was arrested a few days ago on allegations of Shs11bn theft, what is your response?

ZT: No there is no such thing as bad blood between me and her. I have no response regarding allegations brought against her. That is totally her personal life which completely has nothing to with mine.

CR: Any other business apart from music? Is music really profitable?

ZT: I am an entrepreneur who is into college business, property investments and clothing. I love fashion. Music is so profitable if you have the right team and record labels that ensure your CDs are all in music stores and book gigs often.

CR: What is your perception of the Ugandan audience?

ZT: The Ugandan audience is quite good because our people who appreciate my personality and music more than any other person in the world. I am just blessed to work with a lot of people from different cultures who try to bring the best out of me. Yes, I do think I will mark the international level someday.

CR: Where and when did you meet your husband?

ZT: My hubby is Ivan Semwanga. We met at a friend’s place in SA where most Ugandans used to gather for Sunday lunch. It was love at first sight but with his persistence, he won.

CR: How do you find life with him? Do you have any regrets in your marriage?

ZT: Life with him is fine as we do have best interests for one another and the family in general. There is no such thing as happily ever after, but we do try to be the best we can to each other.

CR: Are you married?

ZT: No, I am yet to walk the aisle.

CR: Any wedding bells?

ZT: It’s crazy as I am always putting it off many times he asks but I will consider soon. I am not so goofy, not girly girly.

CR: Does he sometimes cook for you?

ZT: He can’t even prepare a breakfast of eggs let alone two minute noodles.

CR: Tell us about your kids…

ZT: My three sons are my best friends and we do share everything except lip shine and mascara. We are very close and they are very protective of me. I am just blessed to have them. Lol Raphael(7 years-old), Pinto (8 years old)and Quincy (4 yars-old)-my mini-body guards, love them no matter what!

CR: What is the most disheartening incident in your life?

ZT: The most disheartening thing in my life was when I lost my brother. It was so tragic.

CR: When did you have the first kiss and how was it?

ZT: First kiss? Some things are better left where they belong in the past.

CR: Have you released any videos for this year?

ZT: Yeah, I have ‘toloba’ and ‘falling in love with the dance floor’ which were warmly received compared to all the others I have released in the past.

CR: Have you ever considered holding a music concert in Uganda?

ZT: Not really. But I am working on new music videos. Watch the space!

CR: Where do you go shopping and how much do you spend?

ZT: I go shopping in South Africa. I did go on a shopping spree while in UK, China, and Dubai recently.

CR: How much did you spend?

ZT: I never put myself on limit. If I like it, I spend on it. I do not care how much it costs.

CR: How often do you travel for holidays and where?

ZT: Holidays are taken often three to four times a year. To me, it’s a way of relaxing and refreshing my mind and body.

CR: What does it take for one to have a nice skin like yours?

ZT: I have been blessed with good genes so I don’t do much to my skin beside regular toning and cleansing. I drink lots of water to keep it hydrated.

CR: What is your regular diet?

ZT: I eat as healthy as possible with fish and chicken being my main dishes. I take beef once a week. Veggies (vegetables) are a must as source of vitamins.

CR: Do you participate in any sport?

ZT: No I don’t participate in sports but I am such a soccer mom who attends soccer practice and tournaments quite often. I do my treadmill three to four times a week with at least 20 to thirty of running.

CR: Is it true you have a hostel in Makerere area? Do you have any other investments in Uganda?

ZT: It was previously a hostel but we decided to turn it into a hotel. It’s one of the family investments plus two houses in Muyenga and Munyonyo.

CR: How many hours do you work a day?

ZT: I work from 8am till 4pm. I am a C.E.O of my company but I am there full time and hands-on. It’s funny when people believe I am a spoilt bitch with everything coming my way on a silver plate. Honestly, I work full time – Monday to Friday. This is why I can acquire things I desire.

CT: How does it feel being one of the most admired female musicians in Uganda?

ZT: Admired? Wow, I will take that as a compliment.

CT: Do you admire any Ugandan musician’s works?

ZT: yes, I do admire a lot of them but allow me not to mention names are most of them are my friends too.

CR: Which of your cars do you love most?

ZT: I love the Mercedes CLK 500 convertible 2008. With great hair and lovely weather, it pulls off the week end. And with my daily schedule and school drop offs, the Q7 2010 and Chrysler grand voyager 2007(van-family car) are great. The black monster Chrysler 2008 is ok for grand appearance while the small BMW 1 series 2006 is ok for the gal next door look if am hanging with my girlfriends. Therefore they are all useful at certain times.

CR: Your last word for your fans?

ZT: It’s not an easy world out there but every time you fall, dust up yourself, try again and get up. With every fall comes great experience and lessons to be learnt. Till then, stay blessed!


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