EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Inside The Life of Music Diva Zari

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sales geneva; font-size: small;”>Zari reveals her heart-warming love life with her hubby now based in South Africa. The enormously gorgeous artiste lets the cat out of the bag regarding how she met the father of his sons.

Her hubby is an interesting character, Zari jokes, because: “He can’t even prepare a breakfast of eggs let alone two-minute noodles!”

Zari takes us deep into his early childhood, revealing amusing details about her first kiss.

The buxom beauty speaks her mind on the reported ‘bad blood’ between her and jailed mysterious money-bags Bad Black.

How she splits her time between family and music is an interesting tale of a hardworking and disciplined lady.

Despite many finding music a lucrative venture for a lucky few, Zari sharply disagrees: “Music is profitable if you have the right your CDs are all in music stores and book gigs often,” she tells our editor Giles Muhame.

This thrilling interview runs tomorrow morning in the entertainment section. Your responses and any questions shall be forwarded to her. You can’t miss this kiss-and-tell with a flavour of her posh mansions and luxurious cars.

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