Fallen Ankole Prince Barigye's Heir Named In Will

In a dramatic move aimed at saving the Ankole monarch from extinction, fallen Prince John Patrick Barigye left a will in which his successor was named.

According to Ankole Premier William Katatumba, Barigye appointed Charles Aryaizha Rwebishengye Barigye as his heir.

Barigye succumbed to kidney failure last Friday at Agakhan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

“This is the last wil and testament of me Prince John Barigye (Ntare VI) of Muhabura palace, Kariro, Kashari, Mbarara district, Ankole, Po. Box 6995, Kampala, Uganda, Tel: 0772553144, Email:, which I make this 7th day of August 2011, and I hereby revoke all my wills made earlier or any testamentary document made by me,” part of Barigye’s will reads.

The document, exclusively obtained by this website, reads further: “I appoint: a) Mr. Enock Rukidi, b) Mr. Enos Tumusiime, c) Mr. William Katatumba, d) Gen. David Tinyefuza, e) Princess Rosemary Kirungyi as joint executors of this my will. The chairman will be Mr. Enock Rukidi.”

Katatumba says casket containing Barigye’s body arrives at Entebbe Airport on Thursday and burial is due Sunday after a string of cultural and religious ceremonies.


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