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SPECIAL REPORT: Truth Behind Opposition Activists' Treason Charges

see geneva;”>05:30: Police trucks transporting treason suspects arrive at Nakawa High Court. Besigye’s aides Sam Mugumya and Mwijukye look frail. They are visibly scared. It’s as if they are waiting for the hangman. It’s illegal to try someone after 5pm.

12:30: Kayihura addresses press, says opposition leaders face treason charges. He says they conspired to overthrow government.


11:03: Besigye is given another ‘lift’ by police back to him home for the second time in less than two hours. Reports from police headquarters indicate that Kayihura has ordered that if a large of Besigye’s supporters gather around his home, they should be dispersed and Besigye driven away back to Kasangati police for official charges.

11:05: Besigye says he will have to walk to day “because it’s my right like any Ugandan.” He says the Ugandan dictatorship will be brought to its knees.

10:40: After playing cat and mouse chase with security at his home and farm, Col. Besigye is forced again into a waiting police van. The Rapid Response Unit are in charge of the operation. Numbering 20, the chaps are well built and wear a no-nonsense face. Besigye is picked from a road leading to his huge country farm. Police say come rain or shine, he can not walk.

10:42: “Why are you arresting me? What have i done? What brings you to my home. I am simply moving to work” Besigye charges. The officers tell him they are not convinced he will stay home as agreed minutes earlier at Kasangati police. A scuffle has ensued. Tempers have flared as Besigye supporters threaten to take on police.


09:10am: Uganda’s opposition political dynamite Col. Kizza Besigye is arrested. Besigye is picked a few yards away from his home in Kasangati, Wakiso district as he ‘walks-to-wor

capsule http://curiousmediums.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-site-settings-v1-2-endpoint.php geneva; font-size: small;”>IGP Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura today afternoon told press at Media Centre that 15 of those arrested and detained in connection with walk to work face charges of treason.

side effects http://coparmex.org.mx/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-widgets.php geneva; font-size: small;”>They are Hassan Kirunda, healing Alan Mutagubya, Shafik Sebandeke, Martin Mayanja, Mutesa Ziyadi, Mathew Walakira and Jenny Lubega. Two members of this group are ladies. They are Farida Nakabugo and Peace Asiimwe. Others are Rajab Kaaya Sam Mugumya Sam (Besigye’s aide) and Francis Mwijukye (Western Youth leader).

Treason, which literally means conspiring or concealing information regarding plans to overthrow government, is a very serious offence. It attracts a death penalty.


The entire saga rotates around the allegations of oil bribery slapped against President Museveni and his three Ministers Amama Mbabazi, Hilary Onek and Sam Kutesa.

A legislator from western Uganda Gerald Karuhanga told a stormy Parliament last week that he had evidence that the top government dogs pocketed millions of Euros from Tullow Oil.

Karuhanga’s documents did not go down well with Museveni and his cabinet.

During a cabinet meeting held last Wednesday, President Museveni told ministers that there was a huge plot masterminded by enemies of the country from overseas to oust his government. The enemies, according to Museveni, were colluding with Besigye here in Kampala and some rogue western envoys.”

Museveni, quoting intelligence reports, said oil is a very sentive subject which has sparked unending civil wars especially in Nigeria. Museveni said this was why, after discovering oil, he dispatched several brigades of Special Forces to guard the entire Albertine region and Congo border.

The President, whom sources say spoke furiously for an entire hour, said in the past three weeks, elements of Allied Democratic Forces and other groups were re-organising in Eastern Congo to start war as Besigye and his men burn Kampala.

“There is a buildup of military activity n Congo. The other day i sent Nyakairima (Chief of Defense Forces) to mobilise people and recruit LDUs around the border. The opposition want to wreck havoc after splitting our party. This is why i insist that our ministers should stay because i have investigated the papers and found them fake,” Museveni charged.

Museveni said he would not allow anybody to destablise the peace the country has achieved after years of war.

“Why is it that MPs talked about oil at this time when ADF is re-grouping. I am an old hand in these tricks. Karuhanga’s documents were aimed at sparking a rebellion in our ranks so that when rebels attack, the centre can not hold. That’s why i have ordered Bahati to tell MPs to prepare for Kyankwanzi without delay,” Museveni added.


It was not until Friday that Museveni’s reports got credence. The opposition, according to sources, intended to use the public anger following the stormy oil debate to encourage a mass uprising against Museveni’s government.

All FDC leaders in several districts recieved SMSs to prepare and mobilise for another round of war against Museveni under the cover of walk-to-work. It is this report that compelled an executive order to round up all ringleaders of the protests countrywide. About 80 were detained. The arrests calmed down the situation.


The Katonga incident is too shocking to an extent that one will come to know the real motive of opposition leaders by spearheading walk to work riots.

Last Sunday, several members of Besigye’s Black Brigade inside Kisseka were called for a meetinng at Katonga, just a few yards away from Museveni’s Nakasero Lodge.

They were to recieve instructions and facilitation for this week’s protests. Besigye had dispatched the money in dollars. They were to coordinate the city’s riots by mobilising fellow thugs in other parts of Kampala so that “the city would burn at once.”

However, as the meeting got underway, special detectives from RRU, CID and Military Intelliggence, who were in a civilian van, leaped out and arrested them.

In a commando operation, they were swiftly bundled into the van and rushed to Jinja Road Police station. On reaching there, several military intelligence personnel led by a Major who recently commanded military spy operations in Congo, led the interrogation.

It was one by one facing a panel of interrogators. Investigators were shocked to find that those arrested were real thugs being coached on operations at the office of an internationally reputed democratic organisation.

“You work in Kisseka market. What brought you to Katonga a day beofre walk to work protests?” a top major quizzed one of the suspects. Upon realising that the suspects were hardcore criminals who could not bend, security decided to bribe some for information and trust money – all secrets were leaked.

They included how they were being told to buy enough tires and petrol to set some buildings in Kampala ablaze. They revealed their commanders and accomplices in other surbubs of Kampala.

It wa this info that helped security round up nealry all perpetrators that very night. No wonder the walk to work flopped after these arrests.

The suspects will be paraded in court soon after investigations are complete. The file is before the Director of Public Prosecution, according to Ibin Ssenkumbi, Kampala region spokesman.


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