WALK TO WORK DAY 2 LIVE FEED: Besigye Arrested

see geneva;”>05:30: Police trucks transporting treason suspects arrive at Nakawa High Court. Besigye’s aides Sam Mugumya and Mwijukye look frail. They are visibly scared. It’s as if they are waiting for the hangman. It’s illegal to try someone after 5pm.

12:30: Kayihura addresses press, says opposition leaders face treason charges. He says they conspired to overthrow government.


11:03: Besigye is given another ‘lift’ by police back to him home for the second time in less than two hours. Reports from police headquarters indicate that Kayihura has ordered that if a large of Besigye’s supporters gather around his home, they should be dispersed and Besigye driven away back to Kasangati police for official charges.

11:05: Besigye says he will have to walk to day “because it’s my right like any Ugandan.” He says the Ugandan dictatorship will be brought to its knees.

10:40: After playing cat and mouse chase with security at his home and farm, Col. Besigye is forced again into a waiting police van. The Rapid Response Unit are in charge of the operation. Numbering 20, the chaps are well built and wear a no-nonsense face. Besigye is picked from a road leading to his huge country farm. Police say come rain or shine, he can not walk.

10:42: “Why are you arresting me? What have i done? What brings you to my home. I am simply moving to work” Besigye charges. The officers tell him they are not convinced he will stay home as agreed minutes earlier at Kasangati police. A scuffle has ensued. Tempers have flared as Besigye supporters threaten to take on police.


09:10am: Uganda’s opposition political dynamite Col. Kizza Besigye is arrested. Besigye is picked a few yards away from his home in Kasangati, Wakiso district as he ‘walks-to-wor


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