NRM Kyankwanzi Retreat Is 'Ticking Time Bomb'


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tadalafil "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>“It’s a ticking time bomb. The mood in the party is too tense, ” said an NRM insider.

The MPs were called by President Museveni to discuss politics and economy, according to deputy chief whip David Bahati.

In an interview with us yesterday, Bahati said reports that there is a blossoming rebellion were unfounded. He, however, admitted there were “one or two” issues were needed to sort out in the party.

Last week, outspoken MP Mohammed Nsereko said Premier Amama Mbabazi must step down as Prime Minster for his alleged role in dubious oil deals. He further noted Mbabazi should have stepped down as Secretary General in May, shortly after being appointed Premier.

It was agreed during the NRM caucus meeting at Entebbe State House that to enable the party move on strongly, Mbabazi would relinquish his seat as SG since the PM office is hugely demanding.

He has since refused. Our sources say there is a plan to force Mbabazi to step down as SG during the Kyankwazi retreat.

There has been talk in the party circles that it could split into two if the hostilities between two factions are not harmonised.

Museveni spent the entire weekend meeting security chiefs and political leaders, devising ways of re-uniting a fast-cracking party.

He was shocked when NRM MPs joined hands with opposition to gang up against his three ministers during the oil debate. They cheered on in the House as opposition leaders skinned Hilary Onek, Mbabazi and Sam Kutesa alive.


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