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M7 Distances Self From Bassajabalaba’s Billions


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“I know nothing about the level of compensation for Bassajabalaba. I don’t know who gave him the markets. I was the one who ordered him to leave those markets, http://chakraboosters.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-pagenavi/wp-pagenavi.php ” the President said.

He said it was natural justice for the businessman to be compensated after the tycoon was forced out of the markets yet he had invested in their renovation.

“It was my idea. I said let him be compensated. But how much? I am not a government valuer. Even before I sell my land, I get a valuer. That’s the work of the valuer because I do not have the competence to do so.”

Bassajabalaba says some government officials have been frustrating his compensation. He is accused of “finding a way” in which the compensation was inflated to over Shs120bn.

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