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US Troops Won’t Fight Kony – M7

stomach http://contentisbae.com/wp-admin/includes/image-edit.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Ugandans received the news that US had dispatched troops to Uganda to help in giving LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony a “death blow” with hysteria and concern.

sale geneva; font-size: small;”>Museveni said during a press conference Sunday that the US soldiers would not fight in actual combat with Kony.

unhealthy geneva; font-size: small;”>“They are not troops. We shall never allow a fighting force in Uganda because that would be a vote of no confidence in us. What are we for?” he said.

Adding: “We don’t have troops. They are liaison groups. US has been giving logistical support to us. They help using logistics or intelligence using satellites. I cannot ask troops for fighting.”

He said while fighting Idi Amin, there was talk that the rebels should invite Israelites to kill the dictator. Why? We are here to do the job.”

However, this sharply contrasts with what President Barack Obama said a few days ago in a message to congress.

Obama said the elite team, mainly from the “Special Operations” would fight once fired upon.

Ugandans are still sceptical that there is more than meets the eye in this Kony operation because 100 US soldiers is a staggering number.

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