M7 Now Blames Journalists For Economic Troubles!


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ambulance "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>In a press conference held today Sunday afternoon at his residence, medicine Museveni said the media was recklessly sabotaging economic development through peddling lies and giving a platform for government’s enemies to discredit developmental projects.

This was the second time he is briefing the press in four days. The first was held on Wednesday to discuss corruption in the oil sector.

He was flanked by deputy secretary to treasury Keith Muhakanizi, Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka and Bank of Uganda governor Mutebile Tumusiime.

Museveni is under fire from opposition leaders to cut public expenditure and find solution to escalating cost of living.

“Uganda has only two problems. One is the opposition political clan. The second is the media,” he said.

“They are always blocking projects. I want to increase production of sugar but they oppose. The problem is not production but lack of factories. Population has increased so we need to increase production,” Museveni said.

He noted that he wanted to give away Mabira long time ago but reconsidered his decision in fear of embarrassing Common Wealth guests with protests.

“We cannot grow sugar in air. MP Okello Okello and his group opposed sugar production in Amuruu. In Bunyoro, when we wanted to expand Kinyara someone stopped the project. Where are you going to get sugar from?” he asked angrily.

He said opposition politicians were deliberately paralysing government projects.

“Whose fault is it? It’s fault of the political clan. And the media, because you are not serious. You take these things as jokes. Why keep begging, begging? I don’t drink sugar myself. The problem of Uganda is the political clan and media.”

“And electricity shortage? Who delayed Bujagali? What caused it? So my dear friends; considering the situation in Africa, Uganda is good. Demand is high we can do more.”

He presented statistics to prove that it’s not production that’s the problem of the rising cost of living.

“Let’s take maize for example in 1961, production was 196,000 metric tonnes. In 1970, to 388,000 metric tonnes, 1978 we produced 994,000, 1985 it was 564,000 and 1.2m tonnes in 2009.

He gave other figures of bananas and milk production, showing a dramatic increase in production since 1961.

He then lashed at journalists: “Go to the library. The libraries are there. Go to UBOS get statistics. What are you talking about? Yoweri Museveni is not bringing all this. You the media are the ones who tell lies without research – to create panic.”

He called on scribes to repent and promised them a countrywide flight to show how Ugandans are ‘good cultivators.’

He said journalists over exaggerate things. “Ugandans, help me on these people.”

Museveni said the price of sugar on the world market has gone up because it’s used to make diesel in western countries.

“But here in Uganda we have everything including land and oil. Sugar here doesn’t have transport and insurance costs. It’s nearby here.”

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