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Inside Story Of Kutesa Trial: PSs Next Casualties

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While most observers say this mere posturing without serious intent, informed insiders say President Museveni is now walking the anti-corruption talk. They say the trial of his ministers is a tip of an iceberg.

A source in Rwanda government has told this leading news website that one of the reasons Museveni travelled to Rwanda a couple of months ago, was to inquire on how President Paul Kagame successfully kicked out corruption from Rwanda.

Kagame reportedly told Museveni that he had to start with ‘whales.’ Kagame added that the war on corruption is largely “psychological.”

Museveni honestly confessed to his counterpart that he was shocked after an investigation to discover that nearly all civil servants are thieves.

In fact Museveni told press in Kigali that Uganda is full of thieves.

Kagame advised that once the ‘whales’ are kicked out for corruption, the small tilapias would behave.

He says tough action on high ranking officials sends chills down the spines of juniors. Kagame then pulled out a list of his friends and relatives he has fired from government for corruption.

Museveni was reportedly impressed. He pledged to do the same in Uganda only for Kagame to remind his that it should be a gradual process as rich government officials had the capacity to influence decision of courts.


On return from Rwanda, Museveni looked through a list of all top corrupt civil servants and took a sigh of relief. The country’s C.E.O was angered by documents before him.

He was at his upcountry home in Rwakitura. As usual, he had chosen the cool environs so he could think deeply on the new anti-corruption war.

The dossier was compiled by Internal Security Organisation. Museveni is said to even possess all secret bank accounts, properties and details of corrupt officials.

With anger boiling in his heart, Museveni last month held the last meeting with security chiefs on the new war against corruption.

It was held at State House, Entebbe. Amama Mbabazi, Gen. Elly Tumwiine, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima and IGP Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura attended. First Lady Janet Museveni did not miss.

Museveni said he had given a chance for every public servant to reform through his numerous warnings but “it seems none reads the bible.”

He boasted of a full briefcase of evidence against corrupt officials that are retarding development.

The meeting, which lasted 5 hours, resolved that all ministers implicated in Chogm scandal be relieved of their duties before trial.

“We have already shown some that corruption is unacceptable in these coming years,” Museveni said. He was reportedly referring to John Nasasira whose long-lived term of office was punctuated with endless potholes. Some are no longer in cabinet.

Museveni said Uganda would be on the same development level with Singapore if it was not for corruption.

It was agreed that the war starts from top.

According to knowledgeable sources, the next casualties are Permanent Secretaries.

Museveni believes these accounting officers are responsible for all the mess in the public service sector.

As we write this, all PSs pinned in Chogm investigation are slated for trial a few days from now.

The president, who has already sacrificed his senior ministers especially Kutesa whose daughter is married to the former’s son, those who are not close to his heart can expect nothing less than jail.

With stern action against thieving officials, Museveni is confident that he can win a new term in office with young cadres around him than old, expired, thieving pensioners.

Nevertheless, time will tell whether Museveni was serious on weeding out the bad apples from the decaying public sector.


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