Museveni Says US Envoy To Uganda Is 'An Idiot'


Wikileaks a few months ago revealed that Ambassador Jerry Lanier said he had received information that ENI oil barons had given Museveni a fat bribe to oil their operations in the Albertine region.

The embassy has since maintained it “dumbness policy” in relation to the embarrassing wiki revelations.

He is addressing press at State Lodge, rx Nakasero.

“What sort of ambassador is this one who doesn’t have work to do?” the President said angrily.

Museveni says as a top guerrilla fighter, medical he cannot get bribes from ‘bazungu’. He says that’s sheer contempt.

“Museveni can never be given money by anybody. General Museveni to get money from a ‘muzungu?’ This is contempt of the highest order, viagra 100mg ” he charges.

“I pity Americans who have such ambassadors like the one in Uganda who have no work to do,” he fume

He said he would summon the US envoy and tell him point blank that he is stupid!

He says ENI must have a bad investment by bribing him because they did not get anything from Uganda.

Museveni says he doesn’t believe that Mbabazi is a thief as revealed by the whistleblowing website. He also describes wikileaks as mere rubbish.

On documents submitted to Parliament implicating ministers in dubious oil deals, Museveni says he sent IGP Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura to several countries to investigate the matter but found them as forgeries.

“I used private investigators but not go far. I had police in Malta, London and Dubai but these documents are forgeries,” he says.

However, load shedding has plunged the press conference into darkness!

Particpate in the poll on whether oil debate shall bear fruit.


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