Analysis: M7 Oil Press Conference Triggers Heart Explosions

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The conference is scheduled for 4pm today.

A source at State House says Museveni was shocked by the haste with which MPs passed resolutions, subjecting three of his ministers to a judicial inquiry.

The President was further dismayed by the unity of NRM and opposition MPs while politically crucifying Ministers Sam Kutesa, Amama Mbabazi and Hilary Onek.

“The President fears that he could be next. He wondered how MPs in NRM could join hands with opposition to embarrass the ruling party. He said this was indiscipline,” said a source.

Museveni is reportedly worried that the worst could happen if he delays to reign in on what he calls “indisciplined elements within NRM.”

He is expected to threaten them with firing. MPs fired from the party automatically lose their MP seats.

A source says Museveni will discredit the authenticity of documents tabled by MP Gerald Karuhanga that linked the ministers in an oil bribery scandal that has shaken the nation.

Vice President Edward Ssekandi yesterday said documents pinning ministers in the deals were a forgery and an internal investigation ordered by the president was on going.

Ssekandi said the information was from Museveni himself.

Now political experts say it’s unlikely that Museveni will openly contradict his VP.

Needless to say, Museveni’s swift response is aimed at cooling nerves and saving face of his government after the stormy oil debate.

MPs asked the implicated ministers to step aside till investigations are concluded.

However, Musevni’s statements will either affirm whether he is hell bent on fighting corruption or has simply been posturing without serious intent.


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