Mbabazi Intimidating Speaker – MP


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Posted in the morning, the story revealed how American diplomats connived with FDC to leak documents pinning government officials in dubious oil deals.

In fact at 1:47pm today, Gerald Karuhanga confirmed the source of the dossier as US embassy in Kampala.

Standing on point of information, Karuhanga said: The document I referred to yesterday was from American Embassy but today the Prime Minister has information from Tullow. If the American Embassy feels they have a problem with the document- they should come here and say that not Tullow.”

Our investigation was carried out last night. We talked to multiple sources in the diplomatic world and FDC!

The development will underline as the only investigative website in Uganda offering breaking news, spectacular news analysis, polls and investigations.

price helvetica, cheap sans-serif; font-size: medium;”>MP Theodore Ssekikuubo has expressed concern that Mbabazi’s threatening tone is meant to coerce the speaker to dance to government’s tunes.

information pills helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: medium;”>“Since the debate started yesterday you allowed all sides opportunity to respond, is it procedurally right for the PM to stand here and go on record that speaker didn’t allow room for those with information in cabinet not to respond,” fumed Ssekikuubo.

Alice Alaso chipped in, wondering whether it was in order for Mbabazi to intimidate the Speaker yet she had accomplished a good job in guiding the deliberations on oil.

She expressed scepticism that Parliament was not secure as the Speaker was being intimidated, attracting a wild cheer. MPs yelled “shame, shame, shame.”

Mbabazi had earlier said the way he appreciated the debate was that after moving and seconding motion, the government would give a full response for purposes of balancing the debate.

He wondered how there would be the mover and justification before the minister responsible for the sector responded.

However, Kadaga, who has been hailed for overseeing an impartial debate, said she had summoned Parliament yesterday at 2pm but NRM chaps never turned up forcing her to keep adjourning.

“This morning I gave you opportunity and you spoke about different issues, the VP came and he also spoke about a particular issue- so how can I guess? And I also asked you if you were responding as Mbabazi or as a Prime Minister but you didn’t respond,” Kadaga said, embarrassing Mbabazi.


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