Oil Gate Scandal Deepens: Mbabazi Distances Self From Family

side effects helvetica, site sans-serif; font-size: medium; mso-bidi-font-size: 11.0pt;”>Mbabazi had earlier spoken of “transparency and openness in NRM” only to be ruled out of order after MP Hussein Kyanjo said this was not NRM caucus.

illness helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: medium; mso-bidi-font-size: 11.0pt;”>Later Mbabazi denied that her daughter Nina Mbabazi and son-in-law Rukaikire Junior have a stake in a company which Ssekikuubo yesterday said operated as park yard for oil companies’ tractors.

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Springing from chair at twice the speed of light, opposition leader Nandala Mafabi, moving on point of clarification, affirmed that he obtained the exclusive information from registrar of companies and the info is verifiable.

As tempers flared, Alice Alaso quizzed Mbabazi on his awareness about provisions in the Petroleum Exploration Act mandating companies to provide audited accounts.

She asked Mbabazi if he had perused through Tullow accounts and didn’t find Nina Mbabazi!


Feeling hugely embarrassed Mbabazi charged.

“I have nothing to hide. In case there is more information, there is more time to clarify. If Nina is involved in Tullow in business, what crime is that? My children don’t ask me for permission to do business and in fact I don’t get to know what they are doing.”

He rumbled on: “Ssekikubo mentioned that the owners of the company parking machines belonged to Nina Mbabazi and Mathew Rukakaire. I have a daughter called Nina Mbabazi and she is married to a one Rukikaire and I am not sure if that is the family they meant.”

“Did Ssekikubo investigate and find that there is a company called Mineral services Ltd, certificate of registration July 3, 1997? asked Mbabazi.

He said the company’s articles and memorandum shows Geoffrey Roberts (300 shares) Patrick Kimbaleba (300 shares) and Edward Kabucu (300 shares) as genuine shareholders.

The furious premier further asserted that anyone who would easily get him out of NRM is wasting precious time.

He seconded an investigation into the matter


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