SOMALI WAR: UPDF Commandoes Launch Vicious Attack, Capture Key Areas

The UPDF-led AMISOM troops in Somalia have opened a new all-out war operation to annihilate all insurgents in capital Mogadishu.

AMISOM Force Commander, check Major General Fred Mugisha said 10 civilian deaths from continued al Shabaab mortaring in Heliwa and Karaan Districts last week have prompted the force to undertake operations in the North of the Mogadishu.

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Commando operations are aimed at securing the former Arafat Hospital and the Pasta Factory on the Industrial Road, pharmacy and driving the Al Qaeda linked extremists out of the city.

“A small number of al Shabaab remain a lethal threat in the North of the Mogadishu. They continue to shell civilian targets and with 10 civilian deaths in one week, discount we must act immediately to remove this threat,” Mugisha charged.

“We are carrying out operations around the former Arafat Hospital and the Pasta Factory on the Industrial Road. We hope they will be quickly effective and we ask any civilians in the area to limit their movement during the next few hours.”

“Al Shabaab will be judged harshly for the lives they take and the atrocities they commit. We need the support of all peace loving Somalis to help us restore peace and stability to the city. We urge the civilian population to support their government and isolate and reject criminals. That way we can start to provide effective security together,” Mugisha cautioned.

By press time, heavy fighting between al Shabaab fighters against TFG and AMISOM peacekeeping forces was taking place in the capital Mogadishu, according to reports.

AU forces in Mogadishu and Somali national army attacked the Hilliwa district of Mogadishu, a stronghold of al Shabaab and both sides are exchanging heavy weapons now.

According to initial reports, AMISOM and Somali forces captured key military positions of al Shabaab in Hilliwa district like Past Industry, SOS and Ex-control Bal’ad junction.

Abdullahi Ali Anod, one of army commanders of Somali forces told reporters that their forces are heading to the remaining zones in Hilliwaa and Daynile districts and would stop the battle once they are assured of permanent security in Mogadishu


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