Bombshell As Ministers Named In 100bn Oil Scandal

The much-anticipated oil deal debate turned rowdy and yet dramatic with fiery legislators pinning senior ministers on pocketing billions of US dollars from oil companies.

Fire-spitting MP Obua urged the house to invoke the censor article to knife ministers Sam Kutesa (Foreign Affairs), clinic Amama Mbabazi (Premier) and Hilary Onek (Inernal Affairs) for receiving kickbacks from the oil companies.

Obua said the debate was a moment of truth and an opportunity to name and shame the corrupt ministers.

Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga’s presentation was the most dramatic.

He revealed that US Embassy, order British High Commissioner and Irish embassy had developed a huge interest in filthy Uganda oil deals.

Karuhanga pressed the panic button when he said on August 10 2010, Onek received Shs12bn shillings via a UAE account.

The youthful MP further charged that on July 17 2010, Onek was not satisfied, thus receiving another shs6bn.

Karuhanga also stated that Kutesa got 17m Euros from Tullow oil.

Karuhanga’s statements were sparked by Kutesa who had accused the former of making unsubstantiated and defamatory allegations against him.

Kutesa had threatened that Karuhanga could hardly make the same statements outside Parliament.

Kutesa described the papers as false and fake.

“I can confidently make the same statements outside this house,” charged Karuhanga, sparking a wild applause.

MP after another lashed out at the Ministers for robbing the country in broad day light.

As tension in the room hit boiling levels, Karuhanga was offered a rosary for “protection.”

Earlier MP Theodore Ssekikuubo had excited MPs with papers he said showed the status of oil licensing in Albertine region, emphasising that Uganda is bound to lose billions of dollars if they don’t take keen interest in combing through the PSAs.

Leader of government business Amama Mbabazi was conspicuously absent.

Kampala central MP Mohammed Nsereko moved for the establishment of a swift inquiry to probe the stinking corruption in the oil sector.

He said those implicated must be brought to book if “we are to end this impunity.”


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