Chimpreports Visitor Speaks Out On UK Aid Cut

sales "serif";”>He says there are some errors he would wish to correct.

Wilmer wrote:

Here’s the article you wrote in ‘chimpreports’. It contains some factual errors, which I have corrected.

It’s countries that actively persecute gays that might have their aid cut. Aid cuts would be decided on a case-by-case basis, focusing on the worst offenders. The policy is in line with that of many other donor countries.
Interestingly, Zimbabwe was not mentioned in the government statement. Perhaps it should have been. Aid to Malawi has already been cut, partly because of worse anti-gay laws and partly because of other human rights concerns. The decision to cut aid was taken several months ago, and is now in force.
The death penalty provision in the Bahati bill also applies to other categories: e.g. ‘repeat offenders’; it’s not just for ‘aggravated’ cases. The Ugandan government is, one hears, working for the bill to be dropped.
What Malawi did was to extend current anti-gay laws to lesbians. There is no death penalty for consensual sex in Malawi.


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