Why M7 Decorated War Heroes Janet, Bigombe


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The Ruhaama legislator received the Nalubaale Medal for her exceptional role in fighting dictatorships of Milton Obote and Idi Amin. The second was the Kagera medal.

Janet lived in exile in Tanzania with four of his children after the ousting of Milton Obote. At that time Museveni needed someone of Janet’s charisma, malady to go through hell.

Museveni then rushed to Mozambique to learn guerrilla war tactics from FRELIMO. During those days, advice Janet hid some renegades and at sometimes passed on crucial intelligence from the external wing of NRA to his husband.

However, Museveni later fell out with Obote after a botched 1972 invasion of Uganda to oust Amin. Shortly after Janet fled to Sweden, where she lived with her children as Museveni fought in Luweero jungles.

She at one time stayed with then top lawyer Kazzora in Nairobi.Kazzora was Janet’s uncle.

In a related development, Museveni, who was chief guest, showered praises on State Minister for Water, Betty Bigombe for her role in bringing peace to the war ravaged Northern part of the country.

Bigombe was the architect of the peace deals with LRA that helped UPDF do ample study of the rebels’ strength during the talks before annihiltaing them.

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