Economic War: Sea Of Protests Sweep America

Hardly after a year, the riots virus has spread to United States of America in what chimps have described as America summer.

The hugely increasing protests that burst last month near Wall Street in New York have now spread to other American cities, bringing US shrinking economy to its knees.

The Occupy movement sharply contrasts with the Tea Party movement. Tea Partiers blame big government for the country’s economic problems while occupiers blame huge companies.

Felicia Day in New York tweets: “I just heard 2000 skateboarders are zipping down Broadway to the protests in New York?! Awesome!”

Several African and Arab countries have for long accused western countries of bankrolling opposition groups to start regime-changing protests.

A few months ago, billions of dollars were lost after economically-sidelined youth looted London shops on a looting spree.

several building were set on fire.

Observers say despite boasting of the most powerful and organised security system, US is facing a growing crisis of economic disparities between the poor and wealthy.


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